Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Instead of eating I will......

I am a food addict. Period. I know it. I don't love it........but I can eat garbage until I'm sick. A few of my weaknesses?

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I'm an emotional/stress eater. When I feel overwhelmed or sad I eat - no hunger needed. I am working on being more of a mindful eater. Paying attention to what I'm eating, why I'm eating, and when I'm eating. Probably don’t need food at 9pm.

I am working on positivity, journaling, and meditation. It's hard. I have a hard time taking a deep breath, letting things go, and leaving things alone that I cannot fix. I also have a hard time feeling successful and feeling like I’m a good person (sorry mom).

Some things that I have read up on and am working on:

1.    Telling myself that it's OK to feel sad, mad, scared, tired — you name it. This includes those intense feelings of guilt or anger that tend to follow an emotional eating episode. Approach your feelings with kindness, and your body will begin to understand that it no longer has to overeat to protect you from your feelings. Plus, through listening to your emotions, you’ll discover what it is you truly want, and can create new strategies for deeper satisfaction.

2.    I will make pleasure a priority in my life! Flavor water with fruit, wear soft, comfortable clothes, take bubble baths. Give my body other ways to experience feeling good, aside from eating. Pedicures work too ;)

3.     I will eat real, healthy, and nourishing foods whenever I experience physical hunger. 

4.    Discover my triggers and strategize. If I know I eat when I’m lonely, plan to call a friend or write in your journal instead. Also, I pack and carry food with me so that I never feel deprived. Emotional eating can be your body’s reaction to feeling deprived. Stock your fridge with delicious, healthy foods, pack your calendar with exciting things to do, and be disciplined about setting aside time for yourself to relax.

5.    If you knew how beautiful you were, you wouldn’t deny yourself food to try to change yourself. You also wouldn’t emotionally eat as a release, because there’d be no tension from which to release. 

Man. That's a doozy. Number 5 is the hardest one for me. I don't know why - no past trauma that I know of. I see it in other people. I see beauty in my friends, every single one. I am uncomfortable when people compliment me. I rarely believe them. I can counter the compliment with "but I can't....." or " _____ can do it better, faster, etc".  

So that's my summer homework. Doing positive things instead of eating.

This is the summer of working on me. The #summerofstrong

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What sets your soul on fire?

I have many things that I like, love, obsess over. Here are a few in no particular order:

1. Celebrity Biographies. I really dig reading about athletes and musicians specifically......

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Image result for ronda rousey my fight your fight  Image result for drew barrymore wildflower

These are some of my recent faves. Such good reads.

2.  Sunshine. Don't worry....I always wear sunblock AND reapply! I get recharged by the sun. I could lay in the sun all damn day.

3. Family and Friends. I'm totally obsessed with My People. My Tribe. They are carefully selected. Each one has the ability to make me laugh, cry, and strive to be a better person. I'm constantly learning from them, loving them, and enjoying life with them.

My tribe knows who they are. No pic needed :)
4. S4M1.....I have written a statement here a dozen times and erased it. No words do them justice.

unbelievably cute

5. This guy is a like, love, AND obsess. Sam. Not Dwight.

Gives me daily likes, loves, and support

What is setting my soul on fire these days? What is getting me all excited? What is my google search stuck on???????

Power Lifting

I've been making the switch from CrossFit to Powerlifting over the last few months. It felt weird at first. I have focused on CF for 3 years and still enjoy it. I love the people I have met, the skills I have gained - all that made it hard to think about something else. I still do CF a few times a week - but my primary focus is Power Lifting. I really like it and am finally feeling like a real one! I Powerlift 3 days a week and I am getting stronger everyday. Mentally and Physically. I'm connecting with other powerlifters online and through social media which is tons of fun. There are so many strong girls out there!!!!! 

My most recent Back Squat at 250x2!!!!

I love to be inspired and I love to inspire others. The easiest way for me to do that is through this blog and Instagram (@liftwithann).  I hope you enjoy reading about me and my happenings as much as I enjoy doing them!  So my summer will have lots of relaxing, family, friends, sun, and fun.......and TONS of powerlifting! Find what sets your soul on fire and dive right in!