Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Swim at your own risk.....

This might get deep

See what I did there? Humor - cutting the tension since the day I was born.

What is this deep shit? Glad you asked. I am reading my first self-help book. Ever. This book is changing my life one page at a time.

I literally could not love this more

If you have not read it or do not own it - GET IT. NOW. I got my copy on Amazon. $9.

Ok, now that you have ordered this book, let me tell you what I am learning about myself. I self-sabotage. Currently I am self-sabotaging my weight loss (mostly that chub that keeps lingering around). It's weird. I want to loose fat so badly. I'm tired of gaining, pants not fitting, the way I look in pictures, the jiggle that happens when I jump/run/pull.........I'm ready. I want this. So why am I failing? I do not fully believe that I CAN do this. Since I do not truly believe in myself - this is not the only area - I do little things that totally destroy my efforts. Then I win. I was right. See? I told you I couldn't do it.

Sad. So fucking frustrating.

So what am I going to do? A few things I have started to think about, implement, and get behind:

Daily Affirmations
Do you know it takes the same amount of energy to believe you are awesome or believe you suck?

Do things I love

Crossfit, lifting, family, friends

Find a replacement for negative thoughts

Appreciate how special I am

Let the love in

All of it

Don't compare yourself to others

 I actually sit on the couch with this book, a journal, and tears in my eyes. I love it. It was written for me. I am blown away by how relevant this is. I read it to Sam constantly - he promptly got the audio version. It was also his idea to journal while I'm reading this book. I'm not going to tell you everything, not even done with the book yet, some of it is just for me. Not everyone will take away the same things from this book, but I am packing a suitcase full of things I'm learning.

Happy Reading!

A world of badasses........what a wonderfully happy world!