Thursday, February 28, 2013

First of many results.....

At the beginning of the Paleo Challenge at my gym we did three workouts. I did Cindy as my baseline to see my improvements. So, the first time I got 15 rounds plus 5 movements and the second time I got 19 rounds plus 12 movements. Pretty good, I was secretly shooting for 20 rounds - but I got close. More than that, I'm now doing regular push ups in WODs and pull ups are now either jumping pull ups or banded pull ups. No more ring rows. Looks pretty good! At the end of the week we will do pictures, measurements, etc. I'm really excited for those!

Jan 13, 2013
Feb 27, 2013

5 pull ups (ring rows)
10 push ups (knees)
15 squats


Quick cole slaw and tilapia dinner
Paleo Challenge board of tally marks
Kids getting strong!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Haters gonna hate

I started this blog to share my journey of getting healthy and to also share with friends and family what Team Hardman is up to. I really don't have any desire to push my likes and dislikes on anyone or anything like that. I hope to have mostly happy posts with some funny pics and fun happenings.

I have struggled with my weight since I was 21. Interesting - they let me into bars and I blow up. Hahahahha. I played sports my whole life and was always very active. At 22 I stopped playing Lacrosse (played in college) and started graduate school. What a HUGE lifestyle change that was. All I did was sit in class, study, and eat/drink. Super stressful times. I went to Gallaudet in D.C., so I lived in Fairfax and drove in everyday. Nightmare. Traffic is awful. By the time I got home at night all I wanted was a glass of wine and food. So that's what I did. I stress ate and partied. Bad combo.

I've done a lot to try and get healthy, loose weight, and most of all feel good about myself. I struggle big time with self confidence - happens to most of us at times I think. The most effective and fun thing I have found so far is Crossfit and eating a very clean diet. I call it Paleo, it's not 100% strict (well, on the challenge it is), I allow for some wiggle room. For MY body type I need more than cardio. I enjoy running, swimming, and biking. I really enjoy my triathlon friends - their energy is amazing. I need a combination of cardio and heavy lifting to see any change in my body. I just do. I cannot do the lifting thing on my own. I will curl a 10 pound weight all day.....pretty sure that's not doing anything. Crossfit has pushed me in two months harder and farther than I knew I could go. I love it. I'm also competitive - the perfect place for me. I'm trying to find a balance of all the things I love - but right now my priority is getting healthy. Makes sense, right?

Why am I talking about haters? I read a facebook post today by someone who claims to be a nutritionist. Her post read "Of course its a fad...its a DIET. Enjoy it while it lasts, then I guarantee you'll be onto the next best thing". This is really bothering me. She was talking about Paleo. Her post just read to me as mean. I know I know, you can have your opinion. That's fine. But there is a way to have your opinion by not putting others down. I don't care if people eat Paleo. I don't care if you eat a stick of butter for lunch. I don't know if you've ever tried to change for the better, it's hard. Like, really hard. I have felt very nervous about everything I've tried. Will people like it? Will people support me? Will people judge me? Will I fail??????? Keep the negativity to yourself. 

I wanted to thank all of you for being so supportive. I feel the love!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

T- Minus 14 days!

14 Days and I will complete my first Paleo Challenge! Yeah!!!! I have learned SO much about myself during this challenge. AAANNNDDD the day the challenge ends is the first day of the Crossfit Open Games!

First - I actually have will power. Who knew? My body has a love/hate relationship with sugar. It's not good - I will not be indulging in that anymore. I finally believe abs are made in the kitchen - promise not to roll my eyes anymore when people say that.

I plan on doing a relaxed/modified Paleo lifestyle when this is over. I will have a treat now and then - I'm a mom....there are times I NEED alcohol! I don't miss dairy, grains, or sugar (still can't believe that!). I am also increasing my workouts. Three days at the box right now, adding in more home WODs and running.

I'm working on what my first non-challenge meal will be. It's a tough choice. I don't want to pick something that's going to make me feel sick/icky.....but I'm not really craving anything specific. Sam is having dreams about deep dish pizza! He hates that style, so I'm sure that means something to all you dream people out there. I'm thinking right now that I will go with Bon Chon chicken and a beer (or two) or this Paleo mojito I found. Yum-o!

I love that chicken - but it is NOT good for you. :)

I also get to pick an outfit (per my reward contract that I made myself)! Yeah shopping! Lots of clothes are fitting for the first time and lots of clothes are too big. Annoying problem to have, but I'll take it!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

You Matter Most

It's taken me a long time, years in fact, to not just realize - but believe - that I am super important. No one has ever made me feel unimportant or worthless......not at all. My personality has always  been to do for others. I like to be in control, I like to make lists, I have a habit of thinking I need to do it to make sure it's done AND not just done, but done the way I want it. It's exhausting.

Nothing will show you how stupid always doing for others is like having kids. After having Sammy I quickly realized how important it was to take care of myself. If I was too tired, hungry, fat.....I couldn't really be there for him. I always let people hold him if they wanted to - friends and family, not the stranger at Target. I took a shower everyday (crazy how quickly that's the first to go) and I always had water with me.

Once I had Mason it was even more important that I take care of myself. You can get a lot of jail time for leaving your kids in the cart at Safeway - trust me....some days I was THAT tired.

I've been working on myself pretty steady since I had Mason April 2008 (he's almost 5!). I've learned a lot that I like about myself and a lot that I don't. Change is hard for me. Really hard. I hate it. I'm getting better, but I have to talk myself through it. Lame, I know. To make a better me I needed to get healthy, happy, and awesome.

Sam is incredibly supportive of me having time and bettering myself. I do girls night almost every time it comes up, I go to the store alone when I can, and I work out. My workout adventures have ranged from running, classes at the gym, triathlons, and now Crossfit. Sam supports each and every one and cheers me on along the way. It's really nice. When it comes to cost, he always says "We'll find a way. If that's what you want to do, we'll do it." I really appreciate that, there's nothing worse than feeling guilty about a gym membership or a race fee. Although, now that I've done so many races I'm pretty picky about which one I'll pay one million dollars for (isn't that what it seems like these days?).

Here's my typical day:
5:40 am: alarm is blasting
6:20 am: out the door (lunches etc packed the night before)
6:30 (ish)am: at school doing my thing. Caseload of 60 kids with a ton of meetings thrown in
2:45 pm: I'm out! Time to head home
3:00 pm: Hang with Mason (last chance for alone time, next year Kindergarten!)
3:45 pm: Pick up Sammy
!!!!!party time!!!!!
5:30 pm: Leave for Crossfit (sam goes T/TH/S and I go M/W/F)
5:45 pm: who ever is home feeds the boys
7:30 pm: get home from Crossfit and start bedtime stories
8:00 pm: sit. sit on the couch. sit on the couch and watch tv. take deep breaths. say I LOVE YOU

If you don't take care of yourself, then you can't take care of everyone you love. You just can't. Some of the quotes that get me through it all:

I need to remember this....

'It's supposed to be hard...'

gibson daily running quotes - Google Search

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Get in my mouth!

Smash Burger. Lettuce wrapped plus egg, bacon, shrooms, and avocado
Steamed cabbage plus home made pork loin, cilantro, jalapeno sausages
Steaks. Nuff said
Typical breakfast at work. Coffee plus coconut milk, two eggs, collards, bacon, shrooms

I've had some peeps ask what I eat during the day. I make my breakfast at work every morning. I have a toaster oven that I cook my eggs in and I pair it with greens and sometimes shrooms. Lunch is often left overs from the night before - but Smash Burger was Friday for Sam's birthday. It was SOOOOOO good. mmmmmmmmmm. Dinners are 99% Sam's creation. The sausage he made from scratch from a pork loin and was made last minute as a "I could do that....." - God bless the food network. I do snack on baby carrots, a few almonds, raw veggies, and drink TONS of water. All day long. Water water water.

Three nights a week we go to The Box (Crossfit Annandale) and do our workout. The hour is a warm up, a skill set, and then the WOD.  We alternate nights so that we don't have to get babysitters 3 times a week (genius, I know).

We are quickly approaching day 45 in our 60 day challenge. I'm really excited to see all my measurements and body fat changes. I've gone down 11 pounds and one pant size. I'm also fitting into clothes much better than I did before. My energy is up, I'm happy, and things are just rockin. What more can I ask for????

Thursday, February 14, 2013

We are never ever ever getting back together....

This might be the first Valentine's day I haven't had sugar. I thought it would hurt - but tears, no broken hearts, nothing. I feel nothing. Sugar no longer has the hold on me that it used to.

Oh, those were the days. Praying my jeans would fit, getting slurpees from 7-11 and eating my weight in swedish fish.

I mean, who doesn't love that cute little fish? I used to have a real problem with them. Those little bags did nothing for me. I needed the HUGE 1 pound bag - all to myself. I don't share well so I would buy multiple bags in case someone wanted some. You can't have mine, you can have your own.

I've been sugar free (other than a piece of fruit here or there) for 39 days. Wow. I never thought I could do it. I thought for sure I'd cheat, have cravings, cheat..........I've been tested a few times: cupcake party, work events, Super Bowl, cookie decorating at school, Valentine's day. Not one taste. Sam and I actually got a sugar free frozen yogurt one day to split and after one bite that was enough. It just didn't taste good.

After the Paleo Challenge people have asked "what are you going to do?" or "How will you eat?". I think we are going to take a relaxed Paleo route. We are really liking the clean sugar free road and we are seeing big results.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Winner Winner, ditch the kids and drink Wine!

This past week was a rough one at work. I was super stressed and just feeling down. I went to CFA on Friday night and was glad I did. The WOD was tough, but that's just what I needed. I ended up finishing first in the class! That may never happen again - so I called as many people as I could to tell them. I also found out that Team Hardman won a squat picture contest. It was put on by The Sox Box and Primal Home. My kids now think they are famous!

The winning pic!

Saturday was a busy busy day for Team Hardman. Sammy had his first birthday party + slumber party. I was nervous that he would have an accident and wake up wet - then get teased. We talked a lot about it and came up with "drink nothing!" We picked him up Sunday and he was super happy - said he woke up dry and didn't even sweat! This is HUGE. As I unpacked his over night bag I found he didn't even wear his pullup! He said he wanted to be brave - I don't think he realizes how brave/crazy that actually was. Whew!

Mason spent the night with Grandma, saw a movie, got frozen yogurt....all the fun stuff. He also had a great time and got some good alone time with grandma.

What did we do without kids? Well well well - WINE TASTING! We got a group of friends to celebrate three bdays (Sam, Jay, Kaitlin), hoped in a limo, and hit Leesburg up for some wine. Now, this was a cheat day for us (only the 2nd cheat day so far) and our first time drinking in close to 40 days. I was nervous. I got pep talks from Paleo friends and packed good snacks. I did not want to get sloppy or pass out in the limo. We had a great time with friends and laughed a lot. What more could you ask for?

We spent Sunday detoxing from the poison (aka wine). Not sure I will drink like that again for a LONG time. Whew. I spent most of the day on the couch drinking water and eating super clean.

The WOD for today is a Fran Ladder. I'm nervous and excited - which is pretty much every Crossfit day.

The Birthday Peeps
Jammin out in the limo
Hanging out
Limo fun!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Did you know.......

1. I'm adopted. I've known forever. I mean I had white/blonde hair and green eyes and my siblings were dark with brown eyes. I had dreams of going on Oprah to find my birth parents, or maybe they were celebrities? I met my biological mom the day before my wedding. It was great. She's a cool chick.

2. I'm hard of hearing. I have a congenital (since birth) profound loss in my right ear. I've tried hearing aids, they don't work. I smile and nod when I don't understand (I know, that's terrible). I do all the things that I tell the deaf kids I work with not to do. Oops :)

3. I have lived in Georgie, Japan, Utah, Texas, and Virginia.

4. My maiden name is Harmon. Married name is Hardman. I know. Weird.

5. I used to dream of becoming an adult and eating frosting for dinner. Oh, and raw cookie dough. Yep. Issues.

6. I'm obsessed with magazines. My kids check the mail and  when it's magazine day they get excited for me.

7. I've run 1 marathon, 6 1/2 marathons, 4 10-milers, 3 sprint triathlons, and 1 olympic triathlon.

8. I have a terrible potty mouth. I am also super immature.

9. I've been a speech therapist for 9 years. I went to Gallaudet University and specialize working with deaf and hard of hearing students. 

10. We own a deli slicer. For meat. Yep, sits right on the counter. It's huge.

11. My in-laws live .3 miles down the road. I love it. They have a pool :)

12. When I was 6  months pregnant I came home from work and Sam had knocked out all the walls on the main level.

13. I played lacrosse for four years at Longwood University in Farmville, VA (yep, real place)

14. I have chosen the nickname "Baconator" at CFA

15. I am a tom boy and a girlie girl

16. I love to rearrange furniture

17. I'm super competitive 

18. I am obsessed with bubble pop on my phone.
19. Don't yuck my yum. If you see me eating it, it's because I like it. Shut your mouth.

Thanks for reading all these facts about me! Any you want to share?

Meat slicer. Good times.

Friday, February 1, 2013

That was hard - now for Crossfit Open Games!

 Tuesday night the WOD at CFA almost killed me. Physically it was hard. Mentally it was harder. We had 4 rounds for time:

 400 meter run (2 min time cut)
25 kettle bell swings
Double unders

For the double unders you had to be able to do ten consecutive. I cannot. So I did 25 single unders with 5 tuck jumps. Physically I hated the sprint. 400 meters is no joke, then to do the other stuff? I only made it in the 2 minutes for the first two. The worst part? I was short by three seconds the other two times. The absolute worst part? If you don't make the run time, nothing else counts.......but in true crossfit style you still do the workout. No reps counting. Boo. To work that hard was tough. At one point I wanted to cry because I couldn't make the time. But, I kept going and was glad I did.

What's the best thing to do after a hard workout? Sign up for the Crossfit Open Games of course! I did. I was sweating as I pushed the submit button. I'm really excited about it and can't wait to see what it's all about. I know it's 5 weeks with a specific WOD each week. You record your time online, your coach verifies it, then you are ranked among your peers. I'm curious to see where I rank - I'm not going home with the Gold, but that's not what it's about. 

 I know a lot of people have asked for recipes. Sam does not use recipes, but I'm going to try and see what I can do. We worked last night writing some of them down - hopefully they will be coming soon. Monday will be day 30 on the Paleo Challenge.  30 more days to go - so there will be tons of delicious recipes!

He did make Paleo mayonnaise and salsa Verde. yum!