Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Suck it Lyme's Disease!

Today is my last day of Lyme's Antibiodics! 100mg two times a day for three weeks. Whew! I am feeling 100% and getting back into workouts. Jillian (30 day shred) and Tony (P90X yoga) have been helping whip me back into shape.

How will I celebrate? Going to track tonight with Sam and seeing my bff Meg (they are watching the boys).

Sam has his first olympic distance tri this weekend. We are ditching the kids and staying in the team house for the weekend. So fun!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

First run in 4 weeks and SuperGoop!

I'm getting back on the horse. I have not done much for the last 4 weeks due to feeling terrible and Lymes Disease. I've got 8 days of antibiotics left (2xs a day for 3 weeks!) and the first few days on it made me feel terrible!

Now I'm feeling great and need to slowly get back into working out. I have done a few yoga sessions and felt good, so last night I tried running. It was great. I felt like I could run all night, luckily it started pouring so I didn't have to run forever. I ran 2 miles. Good start. All felt great and I was pretty  happy. My first mile was 13:00 - just short of super hero speed - the second mile was 11:00 - which will clearly get me into Kona before I know it!  :) I still feel really good today so I will do some strength and stretching today and tomorrow is a team track workout.

I also got to use my new Garmin on the run. This thing is AWESOME! I need to read the manual and check out all the bells and whistles. One thing I loved last night is that it vibrated at each mile. That was fun.

One thing that the antibiotics are still doing to me is making me super sensitive to the sun. It's like my skin is burning and on fire. It's kinda crappy. I'm ok in the pool, under the water - but just sitting outside my skin sizzles. Gross. I have found a new sunblock that I really like - SuperGoop. It sits nicely in my purse, doesn't smell like I'm covered in sunblock, and works really well. It only has 4 active ingredients and uses plant derived natural ingredients and I feel great putting it on my kids too. They have a spray and wipes too - the wipes are next on my list to get.