Monday, October 28, 2013

First Power Lifting Meet

I survived my first power lifting meet! Yeah!!!!!! I had a great time, learned a lot and met my goals. What where they?

1. Don't cry. seriously. There is no crying in weight lifting

2. Make 6/9 lifts

3. Don't poop my pants (this is always a good stand by goal)

Yep. No tears. I'm a big girl. I made 7/9 lifts. No poop in my pants. No poop anywhere actually. If you have read ANY of my race/competition write ups you know I hit the bathroom dozens of times. Not once for this one. Weird.

Here are my lifts:

Back Squat: (1) 175          (2) 195          (3) 214 - failed at this on the way up. my max is 210

Bench: (1) 90 - made the lift, but didn't follow commands so it didn't count    (2) 100        (3) 110

Deadlift:  (1) 200      (2) 235        (3) 253

My husband decided to do the meet the day before (!) and ended up PRing two of the lifts! What a guy :) He was my handler for the lifts, which was great. Turns out I am horrible at assessing how I did, what I should increase by, etc. I just need someone to say "do this". It was cool to see other people lift, see their routines, and what they can lift. There were some really really heavy lifters there, super impressive.

It was a long day of being in a gym, cheering, lifting - exhausting. It really helped that I was with a lot of friends.  Would have been one long and boring day. I would totally do another one - learned SO much.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

That Four Letter Word.....

I have been known to have a potty mouth. A bad one. Excited, pissed, sad......just comes out. I try not to say anything too bad in front of the kids - but I do remind them it's not nice, I shouldn't do it....blah blah blah. I've though about a swear jar, but honestly I'd be broke.

The four letter word I have the hardest time with is REST. I do not "do nothing" well. I'm not sure why I feel so guilty taking a rest day, but I do. Injury or exhaustion I just feel plain dirty when I take a day off. I do schedule rest days and I typically workout Sunday - Thursday. My off days are Friday and Saturday. That changes and shit gets real. Oh, my other problem? I don't like change. So to change a rest day I get all sorts of off.

What do rest days do for you? TONS. Rest helps you repair, rebuild, and rest your muscles and your brain. Over training can burn you out, get you injured, and make you super cranky. No one likes super cranky.

Another reason I have a hard time taking rest days is that I really really like going to the gym. My friends are there, I feel good when I walk in the door and when I walk out. I get my stress out, I sweat, I laugh, I even slap some butts. See? Why would anyone want to stay away?

I also have goals. Some are ridiculously high (that's the point, right. Aim high?), some are very attainable, and some are probably set too low (I'm still new at this Crossfit/lifting stuff). When I take a rest day I'm actually helping get closer to my goals, but I don't initially feel that way and have to constantly remind myself of that.

In real life I have a hard time with days off from anything - I schedule way too much and then it didn't feel like a day off. This summer I did it best. For the first time we went on one big vacation to the beach and one short weekend to Williamsburg to visit family. Done. That was it. We went to the pool, hung out with friends, went to the gym, chill-laxed. The summer before we drove to Minnesota, then went to the beach, then drove to Florida, spent at least one weekend in Williamsburg.....the whole summer was a blur. Wont do that again.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Star Struck

I live for celebrity gossip. My kids know that magazine day is my FAVORITE day of the month in the mail. They get super excited for me and scream from the driveway "Mom! It's Magazine day!!!!" When I'm going on vacation or a trip I will hoard my magazines for a bit so that I can have a HUGE stack to read.

We are going to Cancun for Turkey Break. The magazine hoarding for that will begin soon.....

To stalk my favorite Crossfit Celebrities I mainly use Instagram, Facebook, and blogs. My favorites are Katie Hogan and Lindsey Valenzuela. They are awesome. Super fit, super strong, and always look like they are loving what they are doing.



Earlier this year Katie Hogan did a seminar at our Box (hehehehe) about lifting. I hadn't fully developed my Crossfit Crush on her yet and I didn't go (kick myself everyday). Not only did peeps get to listen to her awesome advice....there was a meal involved! Ugh - double whammy that it was at Bon Chon. Who doesn't love that fried chicken? No one. Everyone loves it. Not gonna lie - I sent Katie an email. I felt like the biggest nerd. I was nervous, I'm sure it sounded lame....but whatever. Some time went by and I forgot about the email and figured she was a busy person and hopefully she read it, but no big deal. Then.........this morning I woke up to an email from none other than Katie Hogan! I almost passed out. It was a quick email to thank me for writing her and she hoped I was still enjoying Crossfit. Swoon. I'm going to print it - my first celebrity email :)

So - my Crossfit heros are tough chicks that smile a lot and lift even more. Hopefully I can mirror that enjoyment and hard work (minus the fact that they are professional athletes, duh). And next time I have the chance to meet them I will take it!

ps. I also was within arms length of Christmas Abbott. Did I ask for a pic? Nope, I choked. Completely star struck.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Superfit DC Recap

My CFA Peeps
First, let's get the potty talk out of the way. There were 6 port-a-johns. I did not discriminate. I used each one multiple times. All. Day. Long.

Superfit DC was Sept 28th. An awesome day. Weather was great. Traffic was great. All in all amazing. The event was super smooth, everyone was nice, and all seemed to have a blast. I had a few goals that morphed throughout the week before and the day of:

1. Survive. Be able to complete the three workouts

2. Don't poop in my pants

3. Have fun

We checked in the night before, which helped my nerves a lot. The shirts are cool - love a shirt - and we got a few goodies. The morning of we finally found parking and then set up camp. I hung with my CF Annandale peeps. I found my partner - camped with her Hammerdown peeps - and we strategized for workout 1.

Workout 1:
2 minutes: hand release pushups
2 minutes: 115 pound deadlift
2 minutes: 20 inch box jump

We had 20 seconds in between each one. You and your partner do not work at the same time - 6 minutes FLEW by. We did our pushups head to head so we could see and hear each other stop and say "go". Since I'm hearing impaired I was pretty nervous about not being able to hear her or my judge, but everyone was facing me so that was great. We did 96 pushups (4th place), 75 deadlifts (2nd place) and 53 box jumps (14th place). Oops. We both slipped on the box jump, I was not focused.....something I need to work more on when tired. We finished workout 1 in 5th place! Hot damn!

Then we sat around, stretched, talked, strategized, and warmed up for workout 2.

Workout 2: 6 min time cap
Barbell Complex: Clean, 2 front squats, shoulder to overhead (1) at 85 pounds
Pull ups

Um, this one was tough. We decided I would do most of the barbell complex because my partner was going to do most of (all) the pull ups. I did attempt one pull up and the judge promptly told me "no rep!". Just too tired to get myself up there. We got through all of 15 and all of 10 and I got the first 2 barbell complex's in the 5 round. We finished in 5th place again. Yeah!

Now we sit around again....more of the same. The top 5 teams get to go to the finals. As of right then that was us. I was nervous, excited, tired, and scared. I really wanted to go to the finals, but had no idea what to expect. I'm learning CF loves to keep a secret. Sneaky fuckers.

Workout 3: 12 minute time cap
75 kettle bell snatches at 16kg (35 lbs)
Row for calories

Bleh. Row for calories? That's hard. Really  hard. Basically a sprint. We decided I would do most of the snatches (hehehehe) and then we would alternate 2 minutes each on the rower until time ran out. Our score was based on the calories - which we earned 127. We finished the competition in 8th place.

When I got home the first thing my kids asked was "did you make it to the finals?!" They were so excited....I told them "almost, I was so close...." Then they went back to playing and moving on with their lives.

So my first competition went well. Really really well. I hoped to finish in the top half (25 teams were there). I finish top 10 and was in 5th place for two events? Awesome. I had so much fun. I surprised the shit out of myself.  I had never done more than one workout in a day - but now I know I can survive three!

What's next? Keep on keepin on. Hoping to get a 4some together for a Superfit in Delaware. Oh, and conquer the world of course!

Workout 3. That kettle bell was a beast

Workout 2: deadlift

Workout 3: rowin