Friday, October 24, 2014

Oh My God Becky.........

It's true. I have a booty. Always have. Not scared of it. Not in denial about it. Not trying to get rid of it. I AM trying to tone that puppy up - but that is a life long battle I think. Now, having a booty and thunder thighs make wearing shorts difficult. I do own a mirror. I'm not showing up anywhere - the gym - looking like a fool. My husband will also laugh at me and send me back upstairs if I look ridiculous. 

No mirror?

I am beginning to embrace the booty short. It is hard to find ones that fit though. As I am loosing weight, gaining muscle, and toning up I'm becoming more brave to try them out. I cannot tell you how many pairs I've ordered or tried on and can't get past my thighs. OR they are so tight on my butt that one little squat would split them. Also, gotta factor in the waist. Those booty shorts need to stay put for burpees, double unders - and please no crack on a squat.


Stacie - Killin the shorts games 

Booty IS strength


So my bravery in booty shorts brought me to Hopper Apparel. They are based in Richmond and do all the Superfit Shirts. I knew I liked them and they have a Pistol Short that I HAD to try. Last night, I did. Let me tell you - they are short. I was nervous to try them on, having tried on SO many CUTE CUTE shorts that don't fit will do that to you. I took a deep breath and pulled them up. WHAT?!? They fit. Not only did they fit, they were SUPER comfy. Feels like underwear. Seriously. Again, they are short. At least on me. My butt fits. My thighs fit. Nothing is digging into me. They stayed put the whole workout and I never once had to pull them up. Which kinda sucked because sometimes wardrobe malfunctions is what I distract myself with to catch my breath. :)

I wore them in my garage gym for rowing, overhead squats, and over the rower burpees (Right? My coach "surprised" me with a great WOD). Enlarge at your own risk. 

These really are made for girls with a booty and thunder thighs. I was uber comfortable during the workout. They stayed put. I'm still working on looking like Stacie while wearing them :) If you have struggled with trying to find shorts - you NEED to try these!

Love this!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

14 Questions with Sheila Barden - Games Athlete

I always wish these interviews started with "We sat down for lunch together" or "As we chatted on the phone".....but email is what makes most of these Q and A's possible, so I'll take it!

Today's Q and A is with Sheila Barden. All around Bad Ass from the North East. Her Crossfit journey began in 2011 and she has since been to the North East Regionals in 2012, 2013, and 2014. She earned the 2nd place spot in 2014 and headed to Carson for the Games. She can do 40 unbroken pull ups, deadlift 285#, and is gaining strength daily. Can't wait to see what the next year brings! Congrats Sheila!

1. Last song you listened to on your Ipod? Most embarrassing song on your Ipod?
Big Money by The Game
Sweet Little Sheila by Tommy Roe

2. Favorite "I know it's not good for me" treat?
Salted Caramel Gelato, yum!

Sooooooo good

3. You can take 3 things on a deserted island, what are they?
My husband, my nanos, flint
4. Row or Run?
Neither, can I get an airdyne?

Hmmmm, could not find an Airdyne pic

5. Crossfit term that makes you giggle? Yep, I'm super immature
To be honest, none. 

6. Hardest movement to master?
Snatch, I've cried more than once during snatch sessions.

7. Your favorite movement?

Such a funny one - and Lindsey is her Team Mates on the LA Reign

8. What has been your proudest moment to date?
Not dying in the ocean during event one of the 2014 CrossFit Games. That was the first time I ever swam in the ocean, and the fact that I didn't have to get rescued out in those waves made the rest of the week feel like a cake walk.

9. Who is your biggest fan?
My husband, Jake. He was my first "sponsor" and my biggest support system.

10. Who do you look up to?
My sister. She's a teacher, an inner-city charter school founder and an all around bad ass. She inspires the next generation and is helping to shape the future. No matter how many times I go to the Games, or step out on the Grid, I will never be able to say I changed the future like she has been able to do.

11. Who would play you in your made for tv movie?
Me. I'm one of a kind, I don't think I'm replicable, and no one can duplicate my laugh.

12. 1st thing that went through your head when you got to Carson?
"I don't want this feeling to ever go away."

13. Quote that keeps you going?
Little Wins

14. Favorite moment on LA Reign?
Gritting out the backward roll to supports and winning race 8, and the bonus flag, for my team against the Phoenix Rise.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Barbells for Boobs - Smash Cancer

Crossfit Annandale did a Barbell for Boobs event last Friday. We had a great time, raised money, played cornhole, drank beers, ate snacks.....oh - and did Helen Vs. Grace

It was a lot of fun - my partner and I split Helen to where she did all the kb swings and I did the pull ups. Now, you guys know I've been working on my pull ups. Up to this point the most I got in a row was 7. It was magical. Truly something I never knew I was capable of doing. So, we did the 400 m run (I still hate running) and my partner knocked out those swings. I climbed up and got ready, set, go! I did the first set of 12 unbroken. What The F#ck!?!? Three rounds of those pull ups came and went. Each one I went unbroken. It was amazing. I teared up a little.....then kicked some ass on those clean and jerks. I did not know that magical moment would happen - so there is no video. Pic? Of course. There is always a pic:

In all my pink gear

I'm fairly confident that my pull ups looked VERY similar to this video I found:

Sam LOVES pink

Great event with lots of money raised and FUN FUN FUN!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Superfit DC: Team Booty Crew and Christmas Abbott

It's been almost 2 weeks since Superfit DC. I'm recovered. It did not take 2 weeks........well, maybe mentally. It's such a big build up. It's such a long day. My partner, Holly, and I had a blast. We work well together, this was our second competition together......hopefully with many more to come. Here's the scoop:

WOD 1:

Yep. Thrusters. 3 of them. Heavy. I had a hard time not jerking at the top - but I hit 125# which was awesome because my goal was 115#!!!

WOD 2:

I should have known better - but on paper my partner and I were all "We got this!". Turns out that this was hard. Not in a "I hope we can do the movements" kind of way.....but it was just a lot of arm/upper body stuff and time went FAST!

WOD 3:

Ew. Wall balls. Bleh. We did sets of 10 with fancy throw high and switch. Yes. We are fancy, even when tired. My partner did the last 20 and I headed to the rower. We ended with 81 calories.

Christmas Abbott was there. That was awesome. My second time meeting big deal (yes it is).

Don't worry, I'm working on my arm placement

My husband LOVED meeting her (only his 1st time)

Warm up area
You don't have a crotch shot pic? Weird......

This was my husbands first two-person competition. He did great!

on the rower

wall balls of death

thruster city with a unicorn shirt

toes to bar - again, that unicorn shirt was magical

You are right. I am not in this pic. My partner had bronchitis and I took her home as soon as we finished....missed the group pic

Thank you to everyone who came out to cheer, take pictures, and take video. It is always so much fun to hang with friends and work out!