Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Yes. I have two. Yes. I use them both.

Gyms. I have 2 gyms.....what were you thinking? Dirty birds........

Why have two? Glad you asked.
I actually get asked this ALL the time

If you have any sort of job and/or life, then finding time to work out may be challenging. I am borderline obsessed with CrossFit so I work very hard to find the time to go. Having two kids makes that a little more difficult. I want to spend time with them and to get to a class I have to find babysitters. Never fun.

My husband is THE best. Hands down. He is the most supportive dude on the planet. Period. He enclosed the carport (which was just becoming an eye sore dumping ground) and made an at-home gym happen. Thanks babe!

But you own CF Annandale! Why don't you just go there?????

Number one reason is that CF Annandale is not a warehouse CrossFit gym. It's small. It's cozy. We love it. We do not feel it is safe for the boys to come in the evening when there are people doing accessory work, personal training, and also the class is going on. Now the boys are older they also want to play at CF Annandale - climb ropes, jump, run, "lift" - it's distracting to me and everyone else there.

Another reason I cannot always make it to the gym is that Sam also wants to work out and he coaches. Some weeks he coaches 3 afternoon classes and 4 evening classes. That can be a lot. I can't just go full steam ahead and say "I WANT TO WORK OUT. I GET TO GO!" Gotta be fair.

Two nights a week CF is a date night. Monday night my in-laws watch the boys. They cook dinner together, play, talk, hang out.  On Thursdays my mom watches the boys. The time they get to spend every week with their grandparents is awesome. Sam and I were military brats - we did not have these grandparent relationships. We love it. They love it. It's great.

We have already established my CF obsession, so to make that happen I work out at home sometimes. I love it. It cuts down on the time I'm away from home, sometimes the boys join me, and hopefully I inspire the neighbors walking by (hahahahahaha).

So, yes. I have two gyms. I use them both. I love them both. They both offer me health, muscles (working on them), sanity, laughs, sweat, and me time.