Friday, August 14, 2015

Be Proud!

I know's been a while. I have good reasons for not updating sooner!

1. It's summer. I'm at the pool. Duh.

2. We rode tripped from VA to Niagara Falls to London, Ontario, to Minnesota, to Nashville, to home. Epic. Awesome.

3. We bought Crossfit Annandale. Yep. It's ours. Could not be happier!

4. It's summer. I'm at the pool.

So, back on track. Four letter words. I use them. All of them. I have the mouth of a sailor. My kids know them. They know not to use them. EVER. Mason actually thinks the "b-word" is "bench"....makes me laugh.

OK. Focus.

There is one four letter word I'm actually trying not to use and I think you should get rid of it too.

Image result for only

It's killing me!


Well, how many times have you said or heard this?

"I only lost 1 pound"

Image result for 1 pound of fat

"I only did 1 pull up"

Bad. Ass.

"I only did 4 rounds"

Image result for girls doing crossfit
You are doing it!

What you are doing is great. It's awesome. It's making you smile, jump up and down, sweat, and laugh. So why do we talk about out accomplishments and then make them seem un-important by using the word "only"? I never really thought about it until a good friend at the gym texted me about her workout. She was STOKED that she did this particular workout with pull ups for the first time. She was SO excited.....and I was excited for her, then she finished the excitement with "but I only did 8 rounds". Only 8 rounds? Who cares? The point and the excitement was that you did pull ups. Be proud!!!!!

I am guilty of this too. I get really excited about something and share it and then add in the word "only" so I don't seem....what? Braggy? I'm 35. I did a fucking pull up. You are damn right I'm bragging. Do you know how much blood sweat and tears go into that ONE pull up? Lots. Tons. No way I'm using the word "only". None.

I do use it with weight loss. "I'm only down 1 pound." Sad face. Tears. Swedish Fish (god I love those little guys). Why? A pound is a pound....if I loose enough 1 pounds then I'm even closer to my goal.

Image result for kid president awesome
who doesn't love this kid?

My goal is to take the word "only" out of my vocabulary. I'm not using it. I am going to be proud of my 1 pull up, my 1 mile run, my 1 pound lost.....Pride in my hard work. No more self-hate. 

My first handstand push up. It was super awesome. SUPER. AWESOME.