Thursday, January 31, 2013


My husbands cooking. Yummmmmm
Yep. Addicted. Obsessed. I trick my kids into leaving the room so I can play
I love sparkle. Glitter is my fav. These shoes are my new love
My kids. They come up with some great games
Paleo mayonnaise and Salsa Verde. Both made by my hubby
Totally obsessed. Can't wait until my body  (and wallet) let me go 6 days a week
Green Yay Burpees
ok.....maybe not obsessed with burpees

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 19, you betcha!

I made it! no cheat days! Today is my last day in the frozen tu.dra of Minnesota. Day 1 was -11 degress. I don't care who you are, that's cold. I walked outside and my nose hairs froze. It was rough and cold and freezing

I made a few grocery trips to get meat, veggies, seltzer water, etc. I stayed away from all the temptations. There was candy, chips and dip, beer, wine, candy, and more candy. I didn't cheat once. I was frustrated at first, being the only one really watching what I eat....but everyone was very supportive and no one was weird or judgey- gotta love family!

I went to super Target and got a present for the boys, a Vickings jersey for my sisters baby, and a bathing suit. yep, a bathing suit. It was $5! Bright green with white Polk dots. Cute!!!!

My Grandmas funeral was beautiful. The sun was shining, lots of people showed up, and everyone got through their readings. We sat around after and talked about our favorite Grandma memories, that was my favorite part.

Last night we ordered Greek food. Lots if gyros. I ate the meat, lettuce, onions, and tomatoes. No sauce, no pita. It was delicious. I got double meat cause my sister didn't like it. Score!!

Skinny jeans weren't enough? Now there's toothpick?
grandma's funeral
making clean meals all by myself

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Baby, it's cold outside. Like -11 degrees!

The flight from Dulles to Minneapolis was a breeze. My brother and I talked, read magazines, and starred at the ladies nails across the aisle. They were at least 4 inches long! Eek!!

I ate lunch before the flight and hoped to find a clean snack for the trip at the airport. Nope. Nothing. The little market had magazines (my love), candy, soda, and more candy. 18days ago I would have bought gummy bears, fritos, and trail mix...just to add something healthy. Oh, what I know now.....
On the plane I got super excited when I read they serve La Croix, that stuff rocks. I ordered it and they were out. Boo. I got water and order a snack pack. The only thing in it I could eat was almonds, but I was starving!

We landed 20 minutes early to -7 degree weather and headed to ky aunts. There I was welcomed with cucumbers and hard boiled eggs. I inhaled them- more of a reverse sneeze. Gone. I side stepped cheese dip, fritos, crackers, egg rolls, and chocolate cake. I had veggies and a chicken breast. Felt pretty great.

I went to the store and got eggs, cucumber, guac, ham, and La Croix...did I mention I love them?
I just dis my WOD for the day with a good pre stretch and warm up. Feels good to sweat in this frozen tundra.

My airplace snack pack - only ate the almonds
At home WOD
Ice on my window. brrrr
Favorite drink and a good read

Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 16 and made it to my first reward!

I did it! My first reward for staying on the Paleo Challenge. So far I'm down 7 pounds! Reward? I went thrifting - which is my favorite. I scored a blue puffer vest, a peach sweater, and a ombre-ish cardigan. Pretty excited!

Sam and I also made it through three family/friend gatherings without cheating. Well, I did split a wheat thin with him to taste the tabasco flavor - lame, I know. I've learned not to care though. We went to a friends house with a bunch of people for dinner and hanging out. They ordered pizza, we stopped at Red Robin on the way and ordered a burger with an egg, guac, and bacon wrapped in lettuce. We ate it in the car - I'm pretty sure they make tv movies about that. But, we got to the party feeling full and not tempted by cheese and crackers, beer, wine, and pizza. We did have some wings - they were baked and delish!

The next gathering was at my in-laws. My mother in law asked all the right questions and made sure there were things for us to eat. So sweet. Sam made ribs - first time without sugar in the rub. My mother in law made coleslaw with just lime juice and salt and roasted veggies. She had mac n cheese for others, but we had lots of choices so it wasn't even tempting. Sam also made a Paleo BBQ sauce - I LOVED it. We went to Moms organice market and picked up some Caveman BBQ sauce - but it just wasn't as good as Sam's.
The final test? We had two friends over for left overs - ribs, slaw, veggies. They are both fairly Paleo so the dinner party wasn't tough.I'm not going to lie - I cannot WAIT for a glass of wine, a beer, some champagne! When this challenge is over they will taste SO good.

So we've made it 16 days without sugar (just from a few fruits here and there). I have discovered some Lara bars are Paleo - I am dying to try all their Paleo flavors (chocolate coconut chew - I can't ever find you!) I'm in love with the cherry pie, banana bread, apple pie, and carrot cake - but I'm not doing fruit much at all because I have a good amount of fat to loose. My kids like them, which is great because there is no addee sugar and no weird chemicals.

 you will be mine

I'm headed to Minnesota today for my Grandma's funeral. My plan is to stay on plan. It's not too hard now, I'm past the worst part - I hope. I am planning on doing traveling WODs while I'm there so I don't feel too gross from traveling and sitting around so much.

Flank steak with Brocolini
Pork loin with avocado and salsa verde
My new puffer jacket
Not too shabby

Friday, January 18, 2013

Plans to travel and keep it clean...eek!

My Grandmother passed away last night in Minnesota. She was very old and had been downhill for a while. It was expected, although still sad. My mom is flying me up on Monday (tickets are stupid expensive!) and I'll come home Thursday. I'm excited to see family, kinda excited to see some real snow, not excited to pack.

Oh, and eat. That will probably happen while I'm there. I'll be away from my comfort zone for the first time since being on the Paleo Challenge. I'm almost to day 15 without any cheat days (day one was a slight cheat for Sammy's bday dinner). I know I can eat clean anywhere. I just have to own it. The worst is when peer pressure pushes you over the edge and you cave - 5 bags of chips and a bottle of wine later I'm rocking in the corner feeling sorry for myself.

Thankfully because of Facebook and my blog, most of my family knows I'm eating clean, I'm doing a challenge, or I'm just plain crazy. That will help. No cheesy comfort food for me....that will be tough in Minnesota. Have you ever had cheese curds? I have. They are what dreams are made of. A Juicy Lucy? That cheese filled burger is uh-mazing. I can resist though. I can eat meat, veggies, limited fruit, and tons of water. I always forget to drink enough when I travel....must remember that one. I've already decided I can do a at home WOD on Monday before I leave. I will be prepared to do a few WODs while I'm up there too. What else can you do in Minnesota in the winter time?

I need celebrity gossip when I fly. That's a hard and true fact. I will bring my kindle, but that's just for show. Gossip is what I need. Any ideas for clean snacks that I can bring in my carry on bag? I do not want to undo two weeks of great work and detoxing in three days. If anyone can fall off the food wagon, it's me. I do not want to have to prove it to you.......let's just say my normal travel companions (swedish fish and reese's pieces) are not invited.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Clean Ice Cream

That's right. Clean. I got the recipe from somewhere - can't find the original anywhere! I hate that! But, this guy (Paleo Drummer) has the basic recipe that I used.

I used coconut milk (whole fat), frozen blueberries (NOTHING added), shredded UN sweetened coconut (I think I will leave this out next time), and some lime juice.

It was SO good! It really hit the spot and if you are feeling like you NEED something cold and slightly sweet then this is perfect. I used a glass dish, poured in the coconut milk, sprinkled in some blueberries and shredded coconut, and squirted in some lime juice. The recipe called for sea salt on top - but I didn't have that. This all went into the freezer and I stirred it up every 30 minutes until it was the consistency I wanted.

I really liked it - the shredded coconut gave it a gritty consistency, which was ok, but I think I'll leave that out next time. The blueberries were yummy and I think next time I'll use mangos. I do love a mango. I will not be eating this everyday - it's a sometimes treat. I'm trying to cut fat on this Paleo Challenge which means really limiting my fruit intake and being smart when I do it. The best time? After a tough workout. Your body needs some sugar replacement and your muscles can efficiently use it. That's me "efficient" and getting shit done!

The boys actually fighting over tastes
Put in a freezer friendly bowl for snacking later
Two thumbs up approval
Getting shit done for the week

Monday, January 14, 2013

It's all about the rewards.....

60 days is a long time to do something, especially something difficult - temptations EVERYWHERE!! I've decided I'm going to reward myself along the way....just a fun way to keep my eye on the prize - the Paleo prize.

Day 15: Trip to my favorite thrift store

Day 30: Pedicure. Easy but so nice.....

Day 45:  These Kate Spade Earrings are uh-mazing!
putting on the ritz stud earrings

Day 60: Crossfit outfit (most came from Here's a few (ok, a lot) I really like:

#lululemon bottoms, #sockittoome socks, #beast mode, #crossfit, #cross fit, #Beastmode, #WOD, #weightlifter, #weightlifting, #girly, #women, #sports, #weight lifter, #weight lifting I could go on and on......loving all these fun outfits!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Learning something new everyday

1. Eating clean = eating at home = running the dishwasher EVERY night

2. I'm down 5 pounds in one week (Hell Yeah!)

3. I did 5 WODs this week and can still walk

4. I cannot stay up past 9pm (falling asleep on the couch is what all the cool people do)

5. Day 4 I almost killed my whole family - if looks could kill.......

6. Day 8 and I am super mom on speed - so much energy!

7. My kids actively watch what I eat and are saying things like "Paleo", "clean", "healthy"

8. I do not NEED sugar, swedish fish, peanut butter, flavored coffee creamer, or bites of my kids food

9. I can make it through a birthday party - decorating cupcakes with ridiculous toppings - and not even sneak a taste.

10. If I'm hungry I eat (clean), if I'm not hungry then I don't eat (duh)

The BEST part? Sam's cooking. He has really stepped it up this week cooking clean clean clean. Jealous? Oh, and he's down 8.8 pounds this week. Stupid boys and their ability to drop weight. grrrrrr

Pan seared Tilapia with cucumber cilantro lime salsa
Filet with Purple cabbage
Horseradish flank steak with cucumber salad
Italian sausage (label carefully read) stuffed peppers
Paleo Pizza (crust is eggs)
Post workout drink

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Getting through the day one meal at a time

I've had a few people ask what Paleo is and what I'm eating. I thought I'd share some of my snacks and meals that have been keeping me full, clean, and not on a hungry killing rampage. I am eating when I'm hungry, not when I'm bored (what a concept!)

Breakfast: I need quick and easy. I'm also a creature of habit, so every morning is the same. I also have coffee with coconut milk

Green Monster Smoothie:
Spinach (yep, raw spinach...a hold handful)
Almond Milk
(protein powder when not doing Paleo Challenge)

Almond Milk is my fav. I did find a NEW one yesterday that I actually cheered for in the store. Slightly embarrassing, but I didn't care. Are you ready for it?

The combination of two of my favorite things. I'm loving almond milk and I'm obsessed with coconut. YUM! I am so happy about this combo.

Hard boiled eggs
lean meat
turkey bacon (salty fav)

Lunch: This is always my tricky meal. I have a hard time eating meat that has been reheated in the microwave. I swear it changes the texture and then I want to vomit. Maybe just me, but I can't handle it. So, I have a toaster oven in my office to make chicken breast, otherwise I eat left overs from dinner cold. It works for me. Making a bigger dinner to ensure there are leftovers for lunch has been a life saver! I have replaced all diet soda in my life. I do miss the bubbles though. I LOVE seltzer water. I need the bubbles

Dinner: My husband is a trained chef (jealous?) so dinners are GREAT. We have a smoker so sometimes it's smoked meat or fish, sometimes it's baked, grilled, you get the idea. Lean meat and lots of veggies. The veggie of the month has been kale - which I suspect we are getting tired of. Cabbage makes a lot of appearances as does cauliflower. Don't worry - all gas inducing veggies are Paleo friendly :)

My energy level has been normal and I only find myself hungry when I should be - not all day. I haven't tried to sneak anything - candy is my weakness - so I'm really happy about that.

Last night I did my first box jump! Yeah!!!! I also am making the vow to get double unders. The WOD last night called for 40 double unders or 120 single unders. Ugh. 120 single unders times 4 was killer. The double under will be mine!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Team Hardman: The begining

How did Team Hardman come to be? Glad you asked.....

I moved to Va in 1992 and so did Sam and his family. I was in 7th grade, he was in 8th. We were both At Robinson Secondary School and I could have never guessed we would have ended up together.

Sam has a brother that is my age. We had almost every class together - they did all scheduling alphabetically. Are you ready for this? He is Hardman (duh) I was Harmon. Yep. Wrap your brain around that one. Wedding day? Hardman Harmon wedding. People thought we were cousins, there was a typo, and we were really related. Hahahaha

So, we met in 1992 - were friends, but didn't hang out that much. We had alot of the same friends, Sam dated one of my best friends in High School. He graduated and went to Coast Guard boot camp and made a series of moves that landed him in Florida. I graduated and went to Longwood University in Farmville (yep, real place).

Winter break my sophomore year Sam had moved back to Virginia - our parents now lived in the same neighborhood. Summer break Sam's car spent most of it's life in the shop. Paint, body work, all kinds of "custom" stuff I don't understand. We now had the same group of hang out friends and we spent a lot of time together. He didn't have a car and I was forced to pick him up daily to get him where ever the fun was.

I was a lifeguard that summer and Sam started bringing me snacks, sodas, lunch - just the "stopped by to say hi". He was in love. :)  It took most of the summer for me to realize how great he is and that I needed to stop playing hard to get. Our first date? A wedding for his family friend. It was so fun - and we've been together ever since.

He supported me through college, graduate school, two kids, weight watchers, marathon running, triathlons, and now Crossfit.  He's a pretty great dude.

Now, I get to support him. He found out last night he got into George Mason University!!!! I could not be more proud.

Finish at Reston Olympic. He went back and found me so we could finish together
Our first wet suit swim at Lake Anna
Mother's day 1/4 marathon

Best Dad ever

After I love the Tavern Tri

Theme Party

Chris Cooley's breast cancer awareness event

My Fav. After the marine corp marathon

7 year anniversary

Morning of Sam's first 1/2 marathon

Cherry Blossom 10 miler

After Sam's 1/2 Ironman