Friday, January 13, 2012

The best Christmas gift I got was.....

How's that for a teaser? Any guesses?????

Here are a few things that would have been great gifts....but sadly, I did not get.

Who wouldn't want this? No more groping for TP at night!

Duh! Cookie bowl for the ice cream sundae I'm supposed to stay away from anyway? Genius!

I do LOVE Dexter. Perhaps some blood coasters.....

LOVE the edge of a brownie. This pan was MADE for me!

Sam made me a Pain Cave. Yep. Pain.Cave. A place where we can go and workout (bike, run, weights) and not worry about weather, time of day, or babysitters. I LOVE it.

It does have a TV in it now with a DVD player. The space heater is great, but we haven't even really needed it. I've logged some serious miles in there already! The boys even have small chairs they put in there and they will talk to me, cheer, and watch a movie with me. Yeah for Sam!