Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My first green monster and a thank you

I'm trying to step out out of my comfort zone in all areas of life. I'm a "clipboard" type personality. It needs to make sense, it needs to be on my list of things to do, and by all means I need to know in advance all the little logistics. My husband is a "beach ball". He does not have a list. He does not know the logistics. And he's always ready to go. Drives me nuts, but my Clipboard of Fun drives me nuts too.

So, my first BIG step out of my comfort zone? The Green Monster.

almond butter, chia seeds, spinach, milk (wish it was almond milk), banana

Not as green as I thought it would be 

The verdict? Delish! I really liked it. I do want to make it with almond milk next time - but I was all out. Bummer. Glad I stepped out on this one - smoothie for breakfast is the best for me!

Always ready for a party

Not even sure what this was for, but he was ready
Also - A big THANK YOU to Yo momma runs for the Aspaeris Pivot Compression shorts. LOVE them!!!!