Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Race week and Giveaway reminder!

Disclaimer: No pics. Can't find my camera....ANYWHERE!
This weekend was pretty darn successful.

Friday night was Mason's birthday party. He's three now. Pretty big deal - or so he thinks. I'm just happy he's potty trained. The party was a success, even with the non stop rain. We did hamburgers and hotdogs, a real crowd pleaser. My mother in law made a banana cake. The only thing Mason asked for - banana cake (shape, not flavor).

Saturday morning we met Coach Rob at World Gate for our bike FTP test. We were told it would be an hour in the hurt locker. We were nervous. It was hard, we pushed harder than we even have, but we survived! Rob was great at pushing us and he recorded our heart rates every 5 minutes. Now he uses that info to tell us how hard to work during our workouts. Easy Peasy.

Sunday we met Coach Rob again for a swim workout. Our first Tri of the season is Sunday, so he wanted to check in with us to make sure we are ready. We did the workout in our wetsuits (first swim in them) and it was super hard to put that puppy on. He gave us some tricks (plastic bag on the foot to slide right in) and we jumped in. The lifeguard said she had never seen someone in the pool in their wetsuits - glad we were her first. It was a great swim. We worked on form, speed, drafting, defensive elbows (that's right, look out!). Sam rocked it. He swam really well and has made huge strides in his endurance.

Now it's time to check out the times from last year and see what we need to place in our age groups and all that fun stuff. I'm hoping to get a much better time than last year since I hadn't really trained at all. I also need to make the boys some shirts to wear to help cheer us on. Fun times!

Don't forget about my yummy giveaway!

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