Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rumpus in Bumpus Sprint Triathlon preview

Yeah! It's here! My first tri of the season!!!! Rumpus in the Bumpus in Bumpus, VA on Sunday. It's a team race which means tons of familiar faces (passing me) and tons of cheers! We are going down on Saturday to watch and cheer our teammates on in the International distance. I'm nervous, but so excited!

Let's talk about what I will be wearing:

The Bike and Run (stupid sideways pic)

The swim (add green swim cap and goggles)

What will my kids wear? Easy. I make shirts for most of this kind of stuff. It's easy and they look so cute! Here's their Cheer Gear (patent pending on that gem of a rhyme)

Front - Pretty glad I spelled it all right

Back - Sam is a show off with his skillz (that's right, with a Z)

My mom and Sam's parents are coming to cheer and watch the boys. I'm just hoping they don't fall jump into the water at any point in the day. Papa John's will be there selling pizza (!) and other snacks. What kind? Here's the menu:

And they have the swim heats posted. I'm in the novice category and Sam is a Clydesdale.

I have big goals for this race. I really want to impress my Coach and my family. I beat Sam last year by 45 minutes. I don't think that will happen this year (to his credit), but I'd like to come close. I'm super ready for the swim (I mean, the wetsuit picture tells it all) and I'm clipping out on the bike (phew!). The run is the run, I've done a million 5K's - I just have to push.

This week's workouts are solid, keeping skills and form sharp. We are ready to "Nail it!"