Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Four day weekend.....so far

The weekend started off great. We helped our friends pack up to move. The plan is for them to move today, not so sure that's happening....but we'll see :) I do not do heavy lifting....I was in charge of the kiddos.
some leaf fun
Leaf pile at the bottom of the slide

We got them all packed up and ready to move. Fingers crossed we can get them in today since we all have the day off.

Then there was Sandy:
I mean, who didn't picture this EVERY time? We dropped the ball, should have watched Grease and drank Hurricanes

Hurricane Sandy has blown threw and I think we have seen the worst of it. The wind was loud, the rain was non-stop...but luckily for us that was about it. No power loss or anything! We have a lot of trees and I was not looking forward to how many could come crashing through the windows.

The boys slept in the basement for two nights. They thought it was awesome - just like camping. They can't hear the wind down there - which was great because it was really howling.

Voldermort pumpkin and super spooky pumpkin
We played games, cooked, and carved pumpkins to fight off boredom and to keep from killing each other. It worked, everyone is still alive.We did "exercise" to stay alert for the storm

sammy back flippin

Sam back flippin

Sammy and Mason braving the rain

Playing CandyLand at Nana's
We also played a game for Time Out. If you went in Time Out to get out you had to say two things you like about who ever put you in there. It had alot of promise, unfortunately they did not get in time out much. :(

Sammy "I think your cute. I like your smile."
Mason "I like your cooking. I like your backflips."

Now we are in jammies, breakfast is done, and we MIGHT venture out today :)  Hope everyone is doing well and is safe!