Sunday, October 21, 2012

The race that wasn't.....and a few favs

Today was the Army 10 miler. Sam and I were psyched to go and get our run on. Final race of the season and a local race tied into one.


It didn't happen. Lots of reasons, none of them great reasons, but we were a no show. Sam is still struggling with an injured foot and wasn't looking forward to running or walking 10 miles. I finally did the math to figure out wake up time, leave the house time, race start time (my heat was 8:20), race finish time, metro time, and then go out to my sister's to get the boys. It started to all become overwhelming and before I knew it my whole day was being spent on this race. I was not prepared for that. Since Sam was out I decided I was not braving 33,000 registered racers for the 10 miles I wasn't totally prepared for.

The expo was awesome - the boys got to climb in a Black Hawk helicopter and I tried on a bomb suit helmet. Pretty great day.

So what did we do instead?

We went out with another couple Saturday night for a fun date night. We had dinner, caught up, stayed up late (10:30!!!!!)

This morning we slept in until 7:30. Felt UH-mazing! We got on our bikes and rode hard for an hour. Then we went to get the boys, came home for a bit, and went to our Team Fexy Oktoberfest party. How do we feel now? Like this:

barely on the couch, barely on the ottoman

Yep, fell asleep in a store

I also have been meaning to write about some favorite things I've stumbled across lately:

Magnet in the cap makes the design. SUPER easy

My husband brought these beauties home to me!

Loving this bubble necklace!
I have also recently been sent a few products to review - but since I skipped the race today I haven't used them yet. Oops! Looks like I will have to go on a run or two to try out some hand held water bottles. Hope everyone had a great weekend!