Friday, September 13, 2013

Drop it like a squat

This month at CFA the focus is on squats and sprints. I really like one and the other one makes me want to die. It's good for you to work on things you like and things you don't...makes you a better person....right?

Squats. Specifically back squats. Good for your butt, good for your strength, good for your soul.

I have a goal for my back squat, but only since we did the Crossfit Total at the end of August. I was able to squat 185#, went for 200# and failed. Challenge accepted. Then September 1st came around the squats was one of the themes for the month. If only people at the gym knew how much I love a theme....they might think I'm even weirder. I don't just love a theme I completely obsess over it and do all the research I can on it. Luckily one of my BFF's is the same way. I can always count on her to come in costume and totally play the part. My 30th birthday was a white trash bash, my 31st was John Hughes (duh, I was Sloan from Ferris Beuler) get the idea. Themes. Love em. 

So, squats. We are doing a 1 rep max everyday. It took me a few days to get a good formula of increasing weight and before I knew it, after 10 days 200# was in sight. I do get really nervous when I start the squat sequence, but the girls I lift with and the coaches make me feel more relaxed. Last night I decided I was going for 200# after hitting 190# on Tuesday. I had butterflies. I had two friends spot me. I took a deep breath, and dropped.  Then I came back up. It. was. awesome! I did have to sit down - little shaky. I also got a little teary. This is what I love about Crossfit. Hitting goals, people cheering and encouraging you, and also getting to see other people hit their goals. It's great. It makes me want to do more. Lift more. Sprint....nope. Not sprint more. :) Maybe once the weather cools off. But lets face it. I'm not that fast. Sprinting is hard work. I will continue to work on it, but bleh. That's how I feel about that.

My mom was cute. I told her I hit my goal of 200# and she said "so you are done?". Nope. Not even close. After 33 years of knowing me you'd think she would understand the level of addiction I have....maybe she doesn't know about the theme yet?

I'm going to keep squatting. I'm also going to keep doing the 1 million other things that I'm not great at. Busy woman here.

I've started changing the way I'm eating this week too. The theme? Fat, Protein, LOW carb. So far I feel better, have more energy, and have lost a few pounds.