Thursday, September 5, 2013

Never Have I Ever.....

Been a quitter.

Once I start something I finish it. My mom taught me that. I went through years of asking to do things, join groups and teams to be told "You will finish the season. If you don't like it, then you don't sign back up next year." Done. No negotiating. It was the worst for piano. Ugh. Practicing was torture. I still give my moms piano the stink eye when I see it.

Last night was the first time I felt like quitting during a WOD. It was hard. I was tired. Deadly combination. Hard+Tired = Frustrated. Then I felt the tears coming. Worse than quitting? Ugly cry. Hands down.

The WOD was 15, 10, 5: hang power snatches (65#), high box jumps (24"), and pull ups. My plan was simple. Do 65#, jump 24", and do kipping pull ups. Simple.


I couldn't get my body to move right for the snatch. I got three then failed. The failed again. Then stood there a minute (clock ticking). My husband came over, switched out my weight. Now I'm snatching 53#. I finish the 15 reps and move to the box jumps. No problems there. On to the pull ups. I got three kipping pull ups and just could not get my body up to the bar. Pulled out a band and finished.

Round two. Back to snatches. I hate those things. My form is not good (yet) and I get really frustrated that I can't do them well. I get them up, but it's really really hard. I finish the whole workout - but had to "ask" my husband to leave my line of view. The first round of snatches brought on some tears. I blinked them back - but seeing Sam can sometimes bring on the ugliest of ugly cries.

After the workout I was still upset. I held it together, but frustration mixed with tiredness can be tough. I got in the car, had a quick pity party, had a few friends tell me "it's not always your day", and got over it. Don't get me wrong. I still hate snatches. Snatches and cleans. I need to work on them (more than I do).

So what now? I go back. One workout does not define you. One failure does not define you. I go back because I love it. I go back because I like the challenge. I go back because I'm competitive. I go back because my mom taught me too.

The WOD tonight? Heavy power cleans. Of course it is.