Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mindset and do-overs

Truer words have NEVER been spoken. I experience this from time to time with sports/exercise/competition, but don't always have the time and ability for a do-over. What would a do-over help with? Showing me with no question that if I go into a workout with a negative mindset that I can't do it. If I go in prepared I have a much better chance. 

Prepared. What does that mean? For me it means 1. a GOOD warm up, 2. positive thinking, 3. focused but not too serious, 4. proper fuel and hydration. 

This slapped me in the face last week during this workout: 5-4-3-2-1 of Power Cleans (125#) and Rope Climbs (15 feet). I started with a "let's just do this and check it off the list" attitude. Not good. I did not warm up enough. I stretched, I did a few cleans. Everything felt heavy and I was not focusing on form. I kept thinking "it's only 5 max". Well, not if you don't warm up. I had fueled properly, but one check out of 4? Not gonna happen. I was not focused and was taking it all too seriously.  I also went into the workout thinking knowing "I can't climb ropes". Yes, I have done a few pulls. But I was SURE that I would do 5 power cleans and be done. Why? Negative mindset. 

The workout was horrible. I did two power cleans. They looked bad. They felt worse. I tried for #3. Nope. Tried again. Nope. My husband made me stop. He told me I went into it with a bad attitude. I didn't warm up enough. Which he informed me means I'm done. I will do this another day when I'm mentally prepared. I hate that. I cried. I didn't just want to check the workout off my list, but that's exactly how I went into it. I told my Coach and he said to move on with the day. Try again another time. He knows I can do this. End of story.

I got lucky. I got a do-over. I waited a few days and tried again. I started with a smile. Amazing what that can do. I also had a HUGE desire to accomplish this. I warmed up (not on my own). My husband ran me through some drills and made sure I was warm. Rope climbs? I was told to scale them. Don't even worry about them. I did 2:1 pulls. There. Now I'm ready. 

I completed the workout! I did all the power cleans no problem. I did the rope climb pulls, no problem. I finished with a cheer and a smile. It felt good. I instantly texted my coach and let him know. He KNEW I could do it. My husband KNEW I could do it. Why didn't I?


 I'm still learning all this mental toughness, positive mindset stuff. I'm getting better. I'm learning the things that MUST happen to aid in my toughness. Warm up, fuel, positive thinking, and focus. I've been reading some articles on it, like this one. Being aware of my weaknesses both physically and mentally is step one.

Hope everyone is smiling, getting their workouts done, and staying focused!