Tuesday, August 5, 2014

34 bottles of beer on the wall, 34 bottles of beer......

My birthday week is officially over. Back to reality......... It was a great week. Now I'm 34 (I know! I can't believe it either).

I had a great week of working out, hanging with friends, going on little dates, and SHOPPING!!!! My friend Carly at Thirtysomethingfashion helped me get ready for my Winery Party. She is great, if you haven't been to her site, you should. If you haven't tried her box service, you should. If you haven't seen her Pinterest page, you should. If you don't follow her in Instagram, you should (@carlywalko). I cannot say enough great things about her!

I contacted Carly to get some ideas for what to wear to the Winery. She has some great ideas and I ended up with this number:

Lucky Brand
I went shopping and hit some major sales. I love sales. LOVE them. It was also the tax free weekend - double sale! I hit up South Moon Under, Ann Taylor, and a consignment shop.

For my birthday we had friends join us at a Winery. It was perfect weather and all my favorites were there. I love a good birthday week!

Yummy winery snacks

Cheers! To getting older but staying cool