Thursday, July 7, 2011

Racing Weight........HELP!

I love working out. I love training. I love racing. I have days that "I don't want to" - but not too many. Training for my first marathon I gained 10 pounds. Not muscle. I checked. I can't find it. I'm not sure how it happened - or at least I don't want to believe I overdosed on GU and electrolyte drinks (but I'm pretty sure I did).

Instead of hating my scale and poking my fat (you do that, right?) I'm going to celebrate!

I'm going to work on getting to my racing weight.

First step: line up a babysitter for Wednesday nights. Sam and I go to a team track workout/date night. (done!)
Second: Up my veggie intake and back off the sugary crap

Anything you would like to celebrate? Blisters? Black toenails? Chub rubs scars (I got those)