Monday, September 24, 2012

My treadmill love affair

The Pain Cave (now with TV)
 Ah, the treadmill. I used to hate the treadmill, I never understood why anyone would get on one, buy one, or even think about them. Our Pain Cave has become my best friend. I have no excuse but to work out. Rain, heat, darkness, kids......all can happen and none of them beat a treadmill.  My only saving grace is a power outage!

I have logged long runs, short runs, track workouts - you name it - on that ugly contraption. We have a TV in the Pain Cave now so I can catch up on my Housewives, Dance Moms, and the shows I can't stay up late enough to watch. Most of my 1/2 marathons were prepped on this beauty.

I even pretend that Jillian yells at me while I'm on it. She keeps me honest :)

Other than not needing a babysitter and no weather related cancellations - the treadmill is also great for when the outfit I pick just isn't working. I can stop for body glide, water refills, cramps, kid issues....and then jump back on and keep going. I've learned to appreciate the flexibility that the treadmill gives me. Sometimes Sam will be nice enough to hop on the bike next to me and ride while I run.

You can't get stretching services like this on a road run! Clearly Sammy is in the background not wanting to help me out - But Mason was all about it!