Tuesday, March 12, 2013

13.1 in the books

I did it. 13.1. The first WOD for the 2013 Crossfit Open Games. I was really nervous leading up to it. No, I'm not planning on winning. I always get nervous before stuff that I want to do well on and that I have a goal for.

Being so new to Crossfit I'm never really sure if my goal is attainable. Sometimes I set a goal and knock it out of the park. Sometimes I set a goal and don't even come close. I'm getting better at judging it but sometimes I'm still way off. Since the scores for the Open are posted online for all my stalkers to see (hehhehe) I want to do well. I set a goal of 100 for the 13.1 WOD. Then the nerves set in. What if I get 50, don't even come close????

Warming up for the WOD I got more and more nervous. The work out posted:

Open Workout 13.1

17 minute AMRAP of:
40 Burpees
30 Snatch, 75 / 45 lbs
30 Burpees
30 Snatch, 135 / 75 lbs
20 Burpees
30 Snatch, 165 / 100 lbs
10 burpees

Now, I've snatched a grand total of one time. WTF!? Can I even do this?? I set my sites on 100 because I knew I could do 40 burpees and 30 snatches. If I can get through that, then hopefully I can at least fall 30 more times for the other round of burpees. They take tie breaker times at the end of each snatch (hahahaha, snatch...i'm so immature). My time at the end of 40 burpees plus 30 snatches was 6:45. I was really really happy with that. So, I added more weight and attempted the second set of snatches. I put up 10 that counted, a few were not good enough form to count. I was THRILLED with the cheering and coaching I got that kept me going. I finished with 110 and a HUGE smile. I even got in a picture:

Photo: 13.1 happening right now! 
That's me. In the back. Way back there. Ready to snatch 75 pounds. 

The next workout is bound to be hard. I'm hoping I can do it and live to tell about it. I'm super in love with Crossfit. Swoon. We haven't done our Challenge afters yet (pics, measurements, etc)- that's Saturday. I'm sure it will be epic!