Monday, March 18, 2013

13.2 was sweaty. really really sweaty.....

Workout 13.2

10 minute AMRAP of:
5 Shoulder to overhead,  75 lbs
10 Deadlift,  75 lbs
15 Box jump,  20 inch height

I was pretty excited when I saw this workout because I knew I could technically do all the moves and weights listed. I did the workout Friday night and Sam joined me for his first open workout. I think he was impressed with all the cheering and fun we had. I had no idea what to shoot for - I watched Annie T get 12 plus 1 and she made it look EASY. Um, yeah, she's a pro - I need to stop forgetting that. I decided to shoot for 6 rounds (180 reps). 

In my warm up I practiced the should to overhead with the bar and then with 75 pounds. Ugh! I told Sam I wasn't sure I could do was HEAVY! I got nervous and tried not to freak out, but wasn't sure I could do more than one set at that weight. Before I knew it the 3 second count down began and I had to just go with it. Once I got moving the shoulder to overhead was heavy, but not impossible. Whew! I did 2 rounds of box jumps as jumps and then switched to step ups (still legal). I felt like I was cheating, but the step ups were faster and I was burning through my energy so the jumps just couldn't happen. I powered through the dead lifts and felt very strong there. This workout was tough, the first one where I felt like I might puke. I just kept moving, just kept breathing (hard), and just kept sweating. I ended with 6 +23 (203 reps)! I was really really happy and really really tired. I was also wearing my new shirt!

Photo: Funny every time  Probably the best shirt I own. It's SUPER soft and I LOVE the length. Not a fan of my belly or butt hanging out.

Not sure what 13.3 will bring me - but I've heard lots of rumors about wall balls, thrusters, or double unders. I also have to do 13.3 in the 6am class. Eek! That's an early one. I just hope I have the energy to get through it. BUUUUUUT next week is Spring Break! Wahoo!!!!!