Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dear Diary......

I got my first diary when I was little, maybe 3rd grade? I LOVED it. Of course, it had a lock. I wrote songs, I wrote happy, I wrote sad (you know, sister taking my stuff, etc). When I finished it I got another one - what I had to say was clearly gold.

Yep, the real deal from when I was little. 

I still love to write my thoughts, happenings, and things my kids say. I don't write it down, I don't remember it. Like the next day I wont remember it. I use Facebook to write down the hilarious shit my kids me, it's hilarious. I use a Journal Menu PR book for my crossfit lifts and gymnastics moves, and I write EACH WOD down on a monthly calendar too. Overkill? Maybe. Do I care? Nope.

The workout on Friday was a perfect reason why I write things down. We were working on deadlifts. I had written down that my last attempt (2 months ago) I did a 1 deadlift rep at 183 pounds. I pulled it up Friday and was able to get it 3 times. I wanted to add more weight, but didn't have time. I wrote it down, felt super smiley about it, and moved on to the workout knowing I'm getting stronger. The workout was 15, 12, 9: deadlifts, pull ups, hand release push ups. The last time I did a similar workout (3 months ago) I wrote down (good thing) that I did the pull ups with an orange and black band. Friday I did them all with just the orange band. Super smile. I also looked back at the calendar and saw that I did the hand release push ups on my knees last time. Not this time - all man baby!

Also comes in handy for weight. The scale may get stuck, but measurements don't lie! Down 13.3 inches from Jan!

Sometimes progress is slow, sometimes it's fast, sometimes it feels stopped. That's why I journal, write it down, take notes, etc. I will never remember. On hard days it's great to look back on how far I've come. It's also a great way to keep in check too. I can tell you I've gotten very excited about a lift, went to write it down and realized that I have done that before but heavier or faster. Oops! I try and always check pre workout now to mentally get ready and have an idea of where I should shoot for.

Now, something I don't need a diary to tell me is that I wore a two piece today. Yep, outside. At the pool. First time in two years. Other than my terrible tan lines Sam agreed that it was fine to wear. I didn't even feel like I was embarrassing myself! Score! Hopefully I keep working on getting lean and also evening out that crazy shorts tan.