Thursday, July 18, 2013

July - PR's, Detox, Beach, and Birthdays

This month has been great.......not just because I'm off for the summer - but that's a HUGE part of it. I am living at the pool, going to Crossfit, and doing another Clean Challenge. We go to the beach with friends on the 27th, so Sam and I decided to go super clean - no sugar, no alcohol, no processed foods - until we go. I have to admit, it's harder this time around with just me and Sam doing it. When our Box did the challenge it was easier - the whole competitive spirit of it helped me through. This time I'm having a lot more temptations, but I'm trying to make good choices. We also added fish oil to our daily routine.

My first big exciting happening was getting Annie RX (50, 40, 30, 20, 10) Double unders and sit ups. It was really really really hard. I have only just gotten double unders, so I was really nervous to try and do so many in a short time and while tired. My goal was under 10:00. I hammered through and with lots of cheers and encouragement I finished in 9:43. It hurt to walk the next few days - but I limped with pride.

This month is my 6 month anniversary of Crossfit. I have been writing everything down, WOD's and strength sessions, so I can see my progress. This is especially important on those days that you feel like you have been stuck on a weight or skill. I just look back and realize that I've added tons of weight, done something longer or faster......I totally recommend keeping a journal.

I've been trying to hit some benchmarks (like Annie), get some 1 rep max's, and master some skills that I have been working on. Yesterday I did a 500 meter row sprint. It was hard. Really hard. I pulled off a 1:59.3.  It was a really great workout - my legs are feeling it today. I don't have many 1 rep max's for lifts, but I did do a 5 rep max for deadlift this week. I added 20 + pounds to it! I pulled up 203 pounds and felt really really proud. In August we are doing a Crossfit Total (for 1 rep max's) - can't wait to see what I can do.

The most exciting part of July so far? I got not one, but two pull ups!!!! I am still in shock about it. I've wanted to get a pull up my whole life. I honestly wasn't sure if I ever would.....but I sure was going to try. Here's the video of pull up #3 and 4.....#1 and 2 were done a few minutes before. First ones EVER.

I cannot tell you how much the support of my peeps at CFA have helped me accomplish my goals. Everyday someone is helping me, pushing me, challenging me, and cheering for me to do things. It's awesome. Sometimes I fail, sometimes I get it done, and most times I amaze myself. I can't lie - I had tears in my eyes after the pullups. I was so happy......

Also - This is my Birthday month (yep, you read right. MONTH)

Next month I will be doing the Crossfit Total and also tackling Christine. I attempted that one other time and was not able to deadlift my body weight. Now, I most certainly can!

Any goals out there? Any awesome accomplishments happening?