Thursday, May 23, 2013


Over the last few years I have completely convinced myself that I NEED rest days. Plural. Many. Multiple. I could not possibly do back to back or 6 days a week. I wouldn't be able to move! Apparently in my head I work out like these guys:

Let me clarify. I do not work out like these guys. I promise. Some days it feels like it, but I know in my tired little brain that I don't. Why all the rest then? No clue. I think it was a way for me to feel balanced at first, and then it became a "rule" in my head. As I get more drunk on the Crossfit Kool-aid I need to be working out more days to make the progress that I would like to. Change? Scary, I know! This week Sam and I decided would be our week to add workouts and see if logistically it would work. With work, kids, and life it can get a little busy.

The plan:

Sam: Crossfit 6am class M, T, Th, Fri
         Team Fexy Track Night: Wed

Ann: Crossfit 6pm class M, T, Th, Fri
        Team Fexy Track night: Wed

We can bring the boys to track night and we don't need sitters for the WODs. Pretty great plan. Until.....Yep, Sam got sick. Got a nasty bug Monday. I've been following my plan this week and so far so good. I'm tired, but apparently just life will do that to you.

I've been going strong this week:

Saturday: Olympic lifting seminar (3 hours)
Sunday: Girls on the run 5K
Monday: Crossfit
Tuesday: Crossfit
Wednesday: Track
Thursday: Crossfit - Girls night "Grace"
 Friday: Crossfit (that's the plan)
Saturday: Murph with CFA
Sunday: Rest

I'm doing more stretching and mobility to keep the soreness away. So far so good. Turns out I don't need 3 rest days a week.  Weird, I know. I'm not sure every week will look like a 6 day a week workout, but I can/want/need to do more than 3. It's almost bathing suit season - gotta get toned!

* Funny story - if you have read my blog for a while (thank you), have raced with me, or even know me - you know that I'm not scared of a porta=potty and there are few in the tri-state area that I haven't used. I've stopped at more than one house during a race to use the bathroom if I have too. There was even a squat behind a dumpster moment. Yep. When you gotta go, you gotta go. Sunday was no different. The 5K traffic was terrible and there were no porta potties in site. Solution? Pulled over and went in the bushes. Keeping the tradition alive!