Sunday, August 11, 2013

Summ summ summatime!

LOVING this. Coconut is my FAV
Got my own! Look out vacations and couch time. Gonna be work time
Tequila fixes all things. mmmmmm
Cherry is my favorite, but this one is good too

Sample Pack
My favorite is the coconut. Blueberry is pretty yummy too. Great before a WOD


Summer love. There are so many. These are just a few. The RXbar was awesome - of course coconut was my favorite. I loved that they came in a resealable bag too. I don't always eat the whole thing at once - sometimes half before a workout and half after. They were chewy and all natural...always a bonus!

I'm pretty stoked to have my own kettle bell. I have high hopes that I will use it to work on my core 24-7. :)  We took it to the beach, used it once (oops)....but the potential is there. The mailman was NOT happy about it though. Asked me if a strong man was home to carry it in. I replied "I got this". 

This summer has been awesome. Filled with the pool, beach, friends, and of course CFA.  I still have a few weeks of summer, but now I feel like I have school, organizing, and shopping on the brain. Not as relaxing as July was. I hope everyone else is loving this weather and is getting their fill of vitamin D.