Wednesday, October 16, 2013

That Four Letter Word.....

I have been known to have a potty mouth. A bad one. Excited, pissed, sad......just comes out. I try not to say anything too bad in front of the kids - but I do remind them it's not nice, I shouldn't do it....blah blah blah. I've though about a swear jar, but honestly I'd be broke.

The four letter word I have the hardest time with is REST. I do not "do nothing" well. I'm not sure why I feel so guilty taking a rest day, but I do. Injury or exhaustion I just feel plain dirty when I take a day off. I do schedule rest days and I typically workout Sunday - Thursday. My off days are Friday and Saturday. That changes and shit gets real. Oh, my other problem? I don't like change. So to change a rest day I get all sorts of off.

What do rest days do for you? TONS. Rest helps you repair, rebuild, and rest your muscles and your brain. Over training can burn you out, get you injured, and make you super cranky. No one likes super cranky.

Another reason I have a hard time taking rest days is that I really really like going to the gym. My friends are there, I feel good when I walk in the door and when I walk out. I get my stress out, I sweat, I laugh, I even slap some butts. See? Why would anyone want to stay away?

I also have goals. Some are ridiculously high (that's the point, right. Aim high?), some are very attainable, and some are probably set too low (I'm still new at this Crossfit/lifting stuff). When I take a rest day I'm actually helping get closer to my goals, but I don't initially feel that way and have to constantly remind myself of that.

In real life I have a hard time with days off from anything - I schedule way too much and then it didn't feel like a day off. This summer I did it best. For the first time we went on one big vacation to the beach and one short weekend to Williamsburg to visit family. Done. That was it. We went to the pool, hung out with friends, went to the gym, chill-laxed. The summer before we drove to Minnesota, then went to the beach, then drove to Florida, spent at least one weekend in Williamsburg.....the whole summer was a blur. Wont do that again.