Monday, October 28, 2013

First Power Lifting Meet

I survived my first power lifting meet! Yeah!!!!!! I had a great time, learned a lot and met my goals. What where they?

1. Don't cry. seriously. There is no crying in weight lifting

2. Make 6/9 lifts

3. Don't poop my pants (this is always a good stand by goal)

Yep. No tears. I'm a big girl. I made 7/9 lifts. No poop in my pants. No poop anywhere actually. If you have read ANY of my race/competition write ups you know I hit the bathroom dozens of times. Not once for this one. Weird.

Here are my lifts:

Back Squat: (1) 175          (2) 195          (3) 214 - failed at this on the way up. my max is 210

Bench: (1) 90 - made the lift, but didn't follow commands so it didn't count    (2) 100        (3) 110

Deadlift:  (1) 200      (2) 235        (3) 253

My husband decided to do the meet the day before (!) and ended up PRing two of the lifts! What a guy :) He was my handler for the lifts, which was great. Turns out I am horrible at assessing how I did, what I should increase by, etc. I just need someone to say "do this". It was cool to see other people lift, see their routines, and what they can lift. There were some really really heavy lifters there, super impressive.

It was a long day of being in a gym, cheering, lifting - exhausting. It really helped that I was with a lot of friends.  Would have been one long and boring day. I would totally do another one - learned SO much.