Friday, October 11, 2013

Star Struck

I live for celebrity gossip. My kids know that magazine day is my FAVORITE day of the month in the mail. They get super excited for me and scream from the driveway "Mom! It's Magazine day!!!!" When I'm going on vacation or a trip I will hoard my magazines for a bit so that I can have a HUGE stack to read.

We are going to Cancun for Turkey Break. The magazine hoarding for that will begin soon.....

To stalk my favorite Crossfit Celebrities I mainly use Instagram, Facebook, and blogs. My favorites are Katie Hogan and Lindsey Valenzuela. They are awesome. Super fit, super strong, and always look like they are loving what they are doing.



Earlier this year Katie Hogan did a seminar at our Box (hehehehe) about lifting. I hadn't fully developed my Crossfit Crush on her yet and I didn't go (kick myself everyday). Not only did peeps get to listen to her awesome advice....there was a meal involved! Ugh - double whammy that it was at Bon Chon. Who doesn't love that fried chicken? No one. Everyone loves it. Not gonna lie - I sent Katie an email. I felt like the biggest nerd. I was nervous, I'm sure it sounded lame....but whatever. Some time went by and I forgot about the email and figured she was a busy person and hopefully she read it, but no big deal. Then.........this morning I woke up to an email from none other than Katie Hogan! I almost passed out. It was a quick email to thank me for writing her and she hoped I was still enjoying Crossfit. Swoon. I'm going to print it - my first celebrity email :)

So - my Crossfit heros are tough chicks that smile a lot and lift even more. Hopefully I can mirror that enjoyment and hard work (minus the fact that they are professional athletes, duh). And next time I have the chance to meet them I will take it!

ps. I also was within arms length of Christmas Abbott. Did I ask for a pic? Nope, I choked. Completely star struck.