Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 was awesome.....I'm coming for you 2014!

2013 was an amazing year. So much awesomeness happened at home, at work, at the box (CFA), with friends.......just smiles. Yes, there was some crap mixed in there. There is no avoiding some degree of tears, yelling, bloating, laziness, and just plain old blah. The good far out weighs all that though.

I'm not even sure I can list all the greatness of 2013 - surely it's been blogged about, so you can just go back through it if you need some reminders. It was a great year and I'm looking forward to an even better 2014.

Every year I make resolutions, then revise them, then forget them.......stupid. This year I have made just one. It's a big one, and super important for my family and me. No yelling. I have a tendency to be a loud person when I get mad. Somewhere I learned that loud = better. Guess what? It just makes everyone upset, mad too, or ignore you. So, that's it. No yelling in the house - for anger. I do reserve the right to yell for emergencies, danger, and excitement. So far I've done pretty darn good. My kids are VERY happy this is my goal. Just gotta break that habit.

I do have GOALS for 2014. I don't think of these are resolutions though. Some goals I like to keep to myself, or only tell a select few. There are a few only Sam knows, a few only coaches at CFA know, and one or two I keep for myself. I can't put them all out there....that's no fun. Where's the surprise in that? :)

The first thing I'm going to tackle for 2014 is the Paleo Challenge. You may remember Sam and I won this challenge at our gym last year. It was awesome. It was hard. It was totally worth it. We are starting Jan 12th and we are going hard. We both have some holiday weight and beer and wine weight to loose. I think this challenge is a good way to get back to basics, test yourself, and see what you can accomplish.

Second thing I'm doing in 2014 is a 4 person team Superfit Competition in Delaware. I have goals for this one.....but I have kept them to myself. Stay tuned......

Also - The Open. It's almost here!!!! Thanks to my competitive nature I love and hate the Open. Yes, I know I'm not headed to Regionals this year. But why not compete like I am? Does it hurt anyone? Nope. Well, my stomach.....nervous poo........I think sometimes people use "I'm not a games athlete" or "I'm not going to regionals" as an excuse for what they think might not be a good performance or a reason not to participate in The Open. Who cares? Just go out there and kick ass!

I am am working on some other things for strength, gymnastics, life, family.........lots of good stuff coming to Team Hardman this year.

Make this a great one!