Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Funday

Sundays at CFA are great. Not a lot of people usually are there and it's open gym. Win-win. Most Sundays I have a TON of work to get through, but I'm getting much better at getting stuff done in bigger chunks during the week. Funny how that get stronger and can do more at once. Crazy.

So I worked on a few things (pull ups, tire flips, mobility) and then had time. Lots of time.If it's not written down I don't really know what to do. I'm great at following a plan, not making it.  I know my biggest weaknesses - The Clean, The Snatch. Nasty pair. I have developed some terrible habits that I'm working on breaking. Today was drill work to get past some of those bad habits.

This drill was to work on stringing cleans together and keeping form. In a WOD I have a tendency to just go fast and form goes to shit (what little I have). If I want to hit the goals I have set and stay safe and in one piece I need to be efficient. I also need good form so I can keep getting heavier cleans. My max right now is 140#, when I failed at 145# it was not due to strength - it was form. Bleh. This video was me doing ok for the first two cleans and then the third one I just reverse curled it. Point made.

The Snatch. I know. Hilarious.....I giggle when people say it. I need to work on staying back, staying tight, and just being awesome. I want so badly to get big numbers with this lift. My max is 93# - my goal is much higher than that. Gotta start from the bottom - awesome form will result in awesome #'s. Right?

Today was the first Crossfit Kids class too. I tried to stay away so the boys would just do their thing, make friends, and listen to the Coach. I snuck a few pics and videos though. They had a blast, the did squats, they played dodge ball, and even mowed threw some burpees.

Sunday Funday typically ends with a lunch out with friends too. I really like that part. I love to lift, I love to laugh, I love to lunch.....perhaps that should be a shirt???? There is always room in my collection.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready to kick this weeks ass!