Friday, February 21, 2014

Balance - Get Some

Pretty sure this is a drawing of me :)

You need balance in your life. Sometimes that balance shifts, sometimes it topples, sometimes it's a perfect. I often remind myself of this need when I get "mom guilt" for going to Crossfit, or girls night, or escaping the boys to watch Dateline (obsessed). My husband and mom are very good at reminding me that if I don't take care of myself first then I can't take care of all my people. 
I'm pretty sure he takes care of me more...

When smaller/lighter they loved to join me for runs

Love my post workout hugs!

Such an occasion happened on Tuesday. I was feeling like maybe I should stay home, play with the boys, take a day off, and just chill (BUT I really wanted to go to Crossfit). I picked them up from school and when we got home they went right outside with friends and played. They are happy, they know I love them, I went to Crossfit. That made ME happy. When I get to workout, and REALLY workout, I am less stressed. I yell less (there's that New Year's resolution). I'm funnier. Yep. True. Everyone likes me more. 

My body and mind need exercise to be balanced. I didn't used to think that was true. Once I graduated and stopped playing Lacrosse 6 days a week I went right into Graduate school. I didn't have time for much else. I was stressed, I gained weight, I cried. When I graduated and got a full time job I had some more time on my hands and played on an adult lacrosse team. It was fun, but it was not an easy commute and it wasn't 6 days a week. I think we practiced once a week and played a game once a week. Not exactly body/mind changing.

Then Weight Watchers happened. That did save me for a while. I wasn't really working out at all, so just being really mindful of what I ate worked. I lost about 20 pounds doing that and started to feel better about myself. Then I got pregnant. Twice. Back to back 60 pound pregnancies. Yep. 60 pounds. Each. I got back to pre-baby weight before I got pregnant again, but that was tough. 

ps. I am NOT pregnant in this pic :(

I began walking. Then jogging. Then running. I went through all the distances: 5K, 10K, 10 miler, 1/2 marathon, full marathon, sprint triathlon, olympic triathlon. It was fun. I got back to where balance was restored. 

Va Wine 1/2 Marathon

One of many 1/2 marathons

Currently my balance comes from family, friends (work, neighborhood, my girls, etc), and Crossfit. They all make me really happy. REALLY HAPPY. I have a ton of family around. I live in the area I grew up in so there are friends everywhere. Then Crossfit. It's close to home. It's close to work. It's become like a second home. 
Annual Beach trip!

My first 10 miler
CFA Superfit Delaware
CFA Movember

Wine 1/2 marathon with the girls - so fitting

You need to find what makes you happy. What you can't wait to do - then do it! Find your balance!