Monday, April 28, 2014

Trust the Process - Capital Throwdown Recap

Saturday was The Capital Throwdown in Sterling, Va. It was beautiful outside, I had a great partner, another team of boys from CFA was competing, and we had lots of cheerleaders. What more can you ask for?

WOD 1: Finished 7th place

Calories: 70
Tire Flips: 14
Thrusters: 31
Bench: 29

rowing for calories. NEVER fun....they tick up soooooo slow

bench time!


WOD 2: 184 Snatches for 5th place

Snatches for 12 minutes was ROUGH

WOD 3: 13:59 for 15th place

So we did those workouts and found out (as I stuffed a peanut butter cup in my mouth) that we finished 10th overall. What does all that hard work mean? We earned another WOD!!!! Go team CFA!!!! The boys made it too. Awesome-tastic!

The Semi-Final WOD was for time:

20 dumbell snatches
20 situps
shuttle run x 2

My mom came and watched and was SUPER impressed. :) I tell her about Crossfit all the time, but seeing it is a different story. Of course she's super proud of me. My husband was there cheering his head off and my boys saw two workouts!

They might have had TOO much fun

What am I most proud of? Only two bathroom trips. Nervous poo? Not this time! We each did 25 pull ups. BOOM. We completed EVERY movement and EVERY WOD. We were very close to the 1st place team in many events. Our goal was to get top half, 13/14th place. We finished top 10 out of 27 teams. Feels so good! I do have my list of things to work on - but NO REGRETS!

CFA Boys and CFA Girls

You can find Holly and me next at Superfit DC in Oct!!!