Friday, May 2, 2014

Reality Checks

This week of workouts has been hard - the kind of week where you are frustrated and want to cry. Thanks to friends and coaches I got a few reality checks that I needed when feeling a little down that helped me put things in perspective.

Reason 1: Cleans. I'm terrible at them. My form is awful, I'm working on it, but it's a work in progress for sure. Here is my clean from this week: 125# clean and a push jerk. I cringe when I watch, it's OK if you do too.

Reality Check: I do NOT practice cleans enough. In a whiny text to my coach I was informed/reminded that I need to practice some everyday. It's not JUST that I suck - I haven't put in the time and practice to get better. There is no magic, it takes a lot of work. That made me feel better. I'm not banging my head against a wall going nowhere.....I need to put in more work. I can do that. The hubs is picking up a 45# Olympic bar (thanks craigslist!) this morning!!!! Also, the PVC pipe and I are going to get to know each other REAL well. Clean drills, welcome to my programming.

Reason 2: Strength. I want strength. I do not want to be just strong. I want my lifts to look good. I want them to feel good. I want to be efficient so I can keep getting stronger and better. Here is my back squat from this week @185# for 10 reps

Reality Check: Yes, this is a good amount of weight. I got down, I got up. Form? BUT I need to keep my chest up. Need to use my legs, not my back. Not terrible, but this is why I video tape. I will keep video taping so I can fix my form and see progress. Also, I love those socks. They are my favorite.

Reason 3: Wall Balls. I don't like them. I mentally die a little when they are in the WOD. They were in Wednesdays and Thursdays WOD. Barf. Oh, they were also at the Throwdown on Saturday. My shoulders were smoked, wall balls suck, you get the idea. I'm using the men's standards now of 20# and 10 feet - just plain hard.

Reality Check: Day 1 I did them one at a time at the men's standards. I couldn't even catch it on the way back down, I just let the ground do it's job. By the end of that workout I was at least catching the ball (using the wall) so I didn't have to pick it up every time. Progress. Workout 2 was 25 wall balls 4 times. Yep. Four rounds of those bastards. I started on the first set and was able to get sets of 2!!!! No dropping, using the wall, just moving. I had to talk myself through that first set. I wanted to stop, get the lighter ball and move faster. BUT this is not about fast. Not yet. This is about skill and strength. I completed the next two rounds of 25 doing sets of three and four. PROGRESS!

Reason 4: DNF. Did Not Finish. Yesterday was my first time not completing the workout by the time cap. It did not feel good. But why? Who cares? I wanted to curl up and cry.

Reality Check: I did not cry. I sat for a minute and thought about why I was upset. I didn't fail anything. I didn't quit. I did the work I could do in 20 minutes and that was that. Why did it take me a long time? Because of my choices. I did heavier wall balls, I did snatches focusing on form - If I'm going to put in work, weights, and use standards that are going to push me harder then I might not finish a workout here and there. It's making me better. Also? It's my choice. I want to get stronger, faster, better.....guess what that means?

It's all about the magic

So, I'm done feeling sorry for myself. This week kicked my butt, but I'm still standing. Today is a day off. I'm getting my toes done with a friend. I'm going to keep my head up, keep my focus, and smile all the way.