Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Magic and Happy Tears

I truly believe that magical things happen when you put in hard work. So maybe it's not REALLY magic - but sometimes it sure feels that way and that's the world I will be living in.

I spent the weekend watching Regionals - namely Julie Foucher, Camille L-B, Michelle Letendre, Annie......just some of my favs. I was in awe of how fast they moved, how heavy they lifted.....and of course the outfits. I'm always on the hunt to find shorts that stay in place, sports bras that are supportive, and racer back tanks - cause let's be real....I'm wearing a top. No one needs to see all that.

In true CF fashion yesterdays workout was a Regional workout (team): 49 pull ups and 7 over head squats (OHS) @ 115#.  My goal since forever, and especially my last competition, is to string pull ups together. I'm super glad I can do them one at a time, but I NEED to be able to string them together for many reasons. Competitions is one of them. I have a goal of doing competitions RX, but my coach has said that I am a scaled athlete until I can string pull ups together. Yesterday it clicked. We were practicing pull up progressions and the coach demonstrated how to string them together. I jumped onto the bar (no more jumping off a box for me) and *MAGIC* I strung two together. I was PUMPED. Wouldn't you know it? No one saw. Turns out people were doing their own shit. ;)  I got my husbands attention, got back up there, and did it AGAIN! SUCCESS!!!! Ok. So I can sting two together. Awesome Sauce. The workout called for a ridiculous amount of pull up: 49. Ugh. I was on a pretty great high and decided (and was told) that I was going to do my thing, string together what I can, and just chip away at them. A friend sat next to me and kept count and off I went.

Let me tell you what got me through this workout. Pure happiness, adrenaline, and support from my peeps. I jumped onto the bar and strung together 4 pull ups. FOUR!!!!Holy shit!!!!! For the better part of 29 pull ups I did sets of three and two. The last 15-20 I did quick singles - I was getting tired! Now, for that OHS @115. Wasn't sure I would have that in me after 49 pull ups (although I wish I had tried......story of my life). I set the bar up with 95# (I've only done 85# in a WOD before). I did the 7 OHS in two sets, but I did them - AND they felt good!!!!! My husband and I got in the car and I was still beaming. All that hard work. So much magic. So happy. I informed Sam I would be SUPER annoying for the next 30 minutes or so - I was fast talking and SUPER hyped up. Then I stopped talking and cried. Yep. Just sat there and let it flow. I was SO happy, proud, tired, excited......maybe the dreams and goals I have aren't THAT crazy or far off???????

One of my new loves: Camille L-B has a clothing line out that is pretty great: Via Prive. I have one of the tank tops, which I love. It's stretchy, soft, a racer back (my FAV), and it's long! I hate when I lift over head and my belly pops out. No bueno. I'm hoping to stock up on a few more of these, they are great! I wore it in that magical WOD (49 pull ups and 7 OHS) and it stayed in place - no belly show, I could move freely, and it was SUPER comfortable.

Crossfit Top Committed Maroon/Black FrontCrossfit Top Committed Maroon/Black Detail

What helped me after the workout, and still is helping, Crossfixe Hands tube. My hands only tore a little on each hand, but it hurts - and I want them to heal quickly. This stuff absorbs quickly, soothes, and stimulates rapid skin recovery. I put it on RIGHT after I washed my hands (which I always feel like I"m going to pass out during). Instant relief. I also love that it comes in a tube - like a chapstick. Easy to take anywhere and throw in your bag. If you tend to rip your hands up I would recommend picking some up.

Here's to a MAGICAL week!!!! If you want to join me I'll be camped out at GMU watching the Mid Atlantic Regionals this weekend cheering on my friends!!!!!