Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mid Atlantic Regionals - Recap

This weekend I spent some serious time cheering at the Mid Atlantic Regionals. Lucky for me they were at the Patriot Center - right across the street from my neighborhood! YIPEE!!!

Of course I'm there to cheer on people I know, people I follow on instagram (helping me stalk awesome athletes), and to be inspired. I'm also there for merchandise.....shirts, socks, drinks, more shirts.......It was great! You may remember Erin - her team won 2nd place! Team Syndicate will be going to the games!

I discovered a new brand - Afrobrutality. My friend Phil has been liking their stuff and reppin their shirts - so I had to get in on that. I am sporting the Afrobrutality Unicorn. Yep. A unicorn - Don't worry, I also got the Barbell Bitches tank :)  The owner, Syn, is pretty great. His company is about community, battling diversity in Crossfit, and bringing awareness through clothing and apparel. Since I'm a t-shirt junkie I could fully support this cause. I got to talk to him at Regionals a few times, during a few different purchases. Cool guy for sure.

This is my gansta face - needs some work

I got to meet Christmas Abbott!!!! She even signed my shirt! Such a nice person and so inspiring!
Adam Klink reppin I AM BEST MODE USA - I wore the same shirt the day before!
It's not fun unless you can sit in a giant shoe. With your brother.

Nachos. Shades. Perfect.
Ben Smith handstand walkin
Ben Smith Snatch
Crossfit Peeps

Super fun weekend of being inspired and watching people do what they LOVE to do. I drank my weight in Kill Cliff  and then ended the weekend with a crab boil.