Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lift Heavy Shit

I did not grow up in the weight room. If I went to the gym is was for the dreadmill treadmill, the bike, or those fancy Nautilus machines. For high school sports we didn't even enter the weight room - that was for the dudes - football players mostly. It smelled in there. It was scary..... I mean, it's just a lot of yelling and high fives......right?

Then college came around. The lacrosse team was scheduled to be in the weight room two mornings a week. I kinda just went through the motions, talked, walked around, talked some get the idea. 

When I joined the gym as an adult I LIVED on the treadmill. I trained for 1/2 marathons that way - it could get boring, but there was built in child care and no weather excuses for not getting that run in.

Then came Crossfit. I wasn't really in the know about exactly what it was - I had watched The Games on TV, but that does not show you what all those women do on a daily basis to get there. I didn't know any terminology, I didn't know how to actually do any of the lifts. I did giggle at all the names - Snatch, Jerk, Box, WOD.......I'm immature. I got my ass handed to me. I still do. The technical part of weight lifting, gymnastics, and other movements are what keeps me coming back everyday. I want to do better, I want to lift heavier, I want to go faster. 


I see the change. I feel the change. Lifting weights (heavy as I can) is something I really like. Who would have thought!?!?!?! I am not going to lie - I love that I can lift the same or more than some of the guys at the Box. I'm not sure how it makes them feel (but I do work hard to be able to lift more). Lifting weights has also helped in my day to day life. I am happier, less stressed out, my once daily migraines have gone away, I'm eating better because I see how it affects my workouts.........and I'm inspiring my kids. That's the best part.......They think I'm the strongest mom around. I'll take that title any day.

I don't typically put my videos on Facebook - They are up on Instagram (@alhardman) and on my YouTube page. I don't like to just put them out there all willy nilly. I work really really hard.....but I do it for me, not anyone else. So, grab your popcorn and get ready to watch some of my "workin hard" videos.

Now go and lift some heavy shit!