Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Barbells for Boobs - Smash Cancer

Crossfit Annandale did a Barbell for Boobs event last Friday. We had a great time, raised money, played cornhole, drank beers, ate snacks.....oh - and did Helen Vs. Grace

It was a lot of fun - my partner and I split Helen to where she did all the kb swings and I did the pull ups. Now, you guys know I've been working on my pull ups. Up to this point the most I got in a row was 7. It was magical. Truly something I never knew I was capable of doing. So, we did the 400 m run (I still hate running) and my partner knocked out those swings. I climbed up and got ready, set, go! I did the first set of 12 unbroken. What The F#ck!?!? Three rounds of those pull ups came and went. Each one I went unbroken. It was amazing. I teared up a little.....then kicked some ass on those clean and jerks. I did not know that magical moment would happen - so there is no video. Pic? Of course. There is always a pic:

In all my pink gear

I'm fairly confident that my pull ups looked VERY similar to this video I found:

Sam LOVES pink

Great event with lots of money raised and FUN FUN FUN!