Friday, October 24, 2014

Oh My God Becky.........

It's true. I have a booty. Always have. Not scared of it. Not in denial about it. Not trying to get rid of it. I AM trying to tone that puppy up - but that is a life long battle I think. Now, having a booty and thunder thighs make wearing shorts difficult. I do own a mirror. I'm not showing up anywhere - the gym - looking like a fool. My husband will also laugh at me and send me back upstairs if I look ridiculous. 

No mirror?

I am beginning to embrace the booty short. It is hard to find ones that fit though. As I am loosing weight, gaining muscle, and toning up I'm becoming more brave to try them out. I cannot tell you how many pairs I've ordered or tried on and can't get past my thighs. OR they are so tight on my butt that one little squat would split them. Also, gotta factor in the waist. Those booty shorts need to stay put for burpees, double unders - and please no crack on a squat.


Stacie - Killin the shorts games 

Booty IS strength


So my bravery in booty shorts brought me to Hopper Apparel. They are based in Richmond and do all the Superfit Shirts. I knew I liked them and they have a Pistol Short that I HAD to try. Last night, I did. Let me tell you - they are short. I was nervous to try them on, having tried on SO many CUTE CUTE shorts that don't fit will do that to you. I took a deep breath and pulled them up. WHAT?!? They fit. Not only did they fit, they were SUPER comfy. Feels like underwear. Seriously. Again, they are short. At least on me. My butt fits. My thighs fit. Nothing is digging into me. They stayed put the whole workout and I never once had to pull them up. Which kinda sucked because sometimes wardrobe malfunctions is what I distract myself with to catch my breath. :)

I wore them in my garage gym for rowing, overhead squats, and over the rower burpees (Right? My coach "surprised" me with a great WOD). Enlarge at your own risk. 

These really are made for girls with a booty and thunder thighs. I was uber comfortable during the workout. They stayed put. I'm still working on looking like Stacie while wearing them :) If you have struggled with trying to find shorts - you NEED to try these!

Love this!!!