Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cold War 4 Recap - Team Danger Zone

Cold War 4 is in the books! It was a pretty great day made even better by a great team.

Danger Zone

It was a long day of go go go. Here's how it went down:

WOD #1:
2 partners (Holly and Steve)
800m Run:                                              
Sub 4 Minutes: 50 Reps (Steve and Holly!!!!!)
4:00-4:30: 60 Reps
4:31-5:00: 70 Reps
5:01 and Over: 80 Reps

2 Parnters (Me and Josh)
400m Run:
Sub 2 Minutes:  60 Reps (Yeah!!!! This was us!)
2:00-2:30:  70 Reps
2:31-3:00:  80 Reps
3:01 and Over:  90 Reps

With the remaining time you do max clean and jerks
Steve and Holly getting ready

Coming back into the gym

Steve on the wall balls

Holly on the wall balls - look at that height!

Me and Josh - not really holding hands, but sure looks like it

Josh throwin that ball

Me on those wall balls

Clean and Jerk time

Me on the C&J

Mini Event 1: PAYLOAD...Declassified.
(Time cap 5 minutes)
Two members (one must be FEMALE for barbell movement). One member chooses CLEAN AND WEIGHT, other chooses SNATCH AND WEIGHT. Max reps at declared weight for 5 Minutes. Must meet minimum weight requirement.
Clean Minimums (Steve on that bar for 5 minutes)
SC: 115/75

Snatch Minimums (Me)
SC: 95/65

Burpee Box Jump Up and Overs: 24# (Josh and Holly)

Holly and Josh flying through burpee box jump overs


WOD 2: WINGMAN...Declassified.
(Time cap 11 minutes)
For Time: 100 Front Squats, 200 Calorie Row, 300 Double Unders. Total Score is time to complete all three movements. Three members of team will be moving at a time (one at each of the three stations). Fourth member is resting, and can be called in to assist and one member goes out to rest. 
Front Squats
SC: 135/95

Dumbbell Snatch
MS/SC: 45/25

This was brutal. The row was everything. We finished the double-unders first, then the front squats, and didn't quite get the row done. Everyone worked their ass off. Lots of strategy here - I just do what I'm told. Not sure how many people finished the row - but lots of different strategies were seen. The best was having someone on your team that was 8 feet tall. Throw them on that rower! :)

There were optional WODs going on throughout the day. These just gave you some more points
Floater WODs...Declassified:
Floater WOD 1: Jumpt It:
(Time cap 2 minutes) – All 4 Athletes
All 4 athletes will get ONE attempt for a max distance broad jump. All four distances will be added together for a max distance team broad jump.
Floater WOD 2: Squat It:
Time cap 2 minutes) – 2 Athletes
2 members will perform max reps of pistol squats.

Masters and scaled teams will have one athlete moving at a time. Always alternating (left leg, right leg) no matter which athlete is doing the work.

I was pretty proud of me and Holly on this one. Pistols are tough. 

Dance off   video of our awesome pistols

Floater WOD 3: Carry It: (the boys did this one)
(Time cap 2 minutes)
2 Athletes (Cannot be one’s who did pistols)
2 Athletes and they cannot be the two that did pistol event. RECORD ATHLETE #.
Max distance/lbs. farmers carry. Each athlete picks weight of their choice (2 DBs or 2 KBs). Score will be total pounds and distance.
Available weights for DB
65, 60, 45, 35, 25, 20, 15
Available weights for KB
90, 70, 53, 35, 24, 16

Mini Event #2 (Steve and Holly)
Only two people for this gem. You play follow the leader:
3 thrusters
3 deficit hand stand pushups
Bleh. They did great - but my arms got tired just watching

WOD #3 (swimmy time!)
10:00 CAP
Athlete 1: swim 100 yards 20 Plate Hop Burpees (15#) (me)
Athlete 2:  swim 100 yards 25 Goblet Squats (53/35) (holly)
Athlete 3:  swim 100 yards  20 Plate Hop Burpees (15#) (steve)
Athlete 4:  swim 100 yards  25 Goblet Squats (53/35) (me - but i dove in with only about 10 seconds left)

Alas, there are no pictures. I'm ok with that. No bathing suit pics allowed in January!

We had a great time. Everyone contributed and no one got hurt. Win. Win. Can't wait for the next one!