Saturday, January 24, 2015

Two Pregnant chicks (I am NOT one of them)

When I was pregnant, both times, I did nothing. Less than nothing. Picture me just laying on the couch. I craved cheese fries, peppermint ice cream, cheese, was bad. Really bad. I had no clue. I didn't know I could should workout while pregnant. If I had only walked I probably would not have gained 60 pounds. Yep. Your read correctly. 60 pounds. I am here to tell you my kids were big, but not 30 pounds :) Thankfully I did not have any complications during my pregnancy - but that also kinda reinforced my do nothing status.

Do you see that? Limited Edition! I HAD to buy it every time I saw it!
Baked Potato soup. Ate it by the truck load
Cheese fries. Duh

Now, two ladies I workout with have totally inspired me and this blog post. I worked out with Jenn as she went through pregnancy #2 and Maggie during pregnancy #1. They are awesome. They are strong. I love that they worked out while pregnant and smiled the whole time.

Jenn - CFA athlete and mom of two little boys

Maggie - CFA athlete and 36 weeks pregnant with baby #1!

1. First things first. Pregnancy + double under's = peeing your pants. True or False? 
TRUE!!!! I just hope it gets better someday because when I forget to check the WOD and don't wear the appropriate clothes it gets embarrassing :)

OMG true. So true. I had to stop all jumping around 28 weeks....even after I thought I emptied my bladder, I would still pee myself!! I'm hoping I will still have double unders post-pregnancy since I haven't been able to do them in a while!

2. What's the hardest movement/exercise to scale while pregnant?
Cleans. You don't want to develop bad habits but that belly gets big and you have to go around it. 

I have found it pretty easy to scale/substitute most movements in CrossFit, but I feel super lame doing push-ups and burpees now. I was doing squat thrusts instead of burpees for a while, but started to get dizzy with the up and down movement. Now doing a wall push-up and air squat....

3. When did you realize you needed to start scaling movements or scaling back?
I felt like I slowed down at about 31 weeks and needed to scale a lot more.

I was a little anxious about CrossFit during my pregnancy from the beginning, so I started scaling early on. I also had horrible morning sickness for the first 18 weeks, so even though my belly wasn't in the way, I was feeling nauseous and winded if I overdid it. I would say around 20 weeks is when my belly started to become more noticeable during workouts.
4. Best workout clothes you found while pregnant?
I wore regular workout pants that had a fold over option. The band helps hold the belly in place so you don't feel like your belly full of jelly is all over the place

I have a Gap maternity activewear shirt that I have loved during my pregnancy, because I've been able to wear it throughout. I also really like my long-sleeved Old Navy activewear shirt.

5. The movement/exercise you never had to scale?
Deadlifts, air squats, kb swings, 

Overhead movements....strict press, push press, etc. I was really proud of myself that at 30+ weeks pregnant, I was able to follow the strength programming based on my pre-pregancy max for strict press! I also did 16kg kettlebell swings for a long time, but recently scaled down to 12kg.
6. What was your biggest concern about Crossfit while pregnant?
I am very competitive and I like to work hard. I was always upset with myself when i couldn't go as fast or as heavy as I wanted to. I realized though that there is plenty of time to get back at it

Pregnancy is so overwhelming your first many changes in your body, little aches and pains, and you don't know what is "normal" or what you should be concerned about. I was worried that I wouldn't know when to push through for the sake of the workout, or when to scale back, but I really haven't found that to be a problem at all.
7. Best advice you got while working out and being pregnant?
Listen to your body and don't worry about what anyone else does. All women are different in their comfort level and most get more comfortable the more babies they have because they know what their normal is. 

Just to do what you're comfortable with. I had to stop comparing myself to other pregnant women who were doing CrossFit, and do what I felt good with. I scaled back on weights from the very beginning, because that is what worked for me. I am so impressed by other women, especially Jen, who are able to physically and mentally continue to lift heavy.

8. Worst advice you got while working out and being pregnant?
I went to the hospital for my 20 week ultrasound and the dr. that I saw stared at me like I was a crazy person when I told him I did crossfit and wasn't planning on stopping. He told me that I shouldn't be doing anything that made me out of breath. Hello have you been pregnant because sometimes I needed to stop and catch my breath while climbing a flight of stairs. Find a dr that supports your decisions and find a new one if they don't get you. 

That you don't need to work out! A lot of women make excuses during pregnancy, saying you are growing a baby, and don't need to do any extra working out. I have felt so much better after a helped my morning sickness, energy level, mood and probably helped me not to gain a ton of weight. And it's also good for the baby!
9. Food you craved the most?
Both pregnancy's I loved tuna sandwiches and Indian food

DONUTS. It's bad....I really love/hate Dunkin Donuts for opening one 2 miles from my house during my pregnancy. Also, obsessed with pomegranates. Thank you to my wonderful husband for helping me to balance my diet by surprising me (several times!) with donuts in the morning, and also de-seeding 100 pomegranates during my pregnancy. 
10. Do you think that working out helped with your energy levels?
Yes Yes Yes!! I had terrible morning sickness and exercise was the only thing that helped. Pregnant or not exercise makes me a better person from my energy level to patience with my kids. much. There were so many days that I wanted to come home from work, put my PJs on, and stay in bed the rest of the day. I would push myself to go to the gym, and would feel so much better after. It really helped me to make plans to meet people at the gym, especially Ann, to get myself there....I think the combination of working out and getting social time with friends helped to boost my energy a lot.
11. Jenn -  how did pregnancy #2 compare to #1 with gaining and loosing weight?
I gained 15lbs less with the 2nd baby since CF'd and lost most of it pretty quickly. I still have 5 lbs to go to pre prego weight and another 8 after that. 

12. Maggie - What is your workout plan/hope for after baby #1?
I would really like to resume CrossFit after the baby....I feel good about the fact that I know I can scale things, and do what I am comfortable with, and the coaches at the gym support that. I have heard that in some ways, post-pregnancy working out is more difficult than working out when you're pregnant, so I am trying to be realistic! 

13. Most embarrassing workout while preggo moment?
I pee all the time and still do

Besides peeing myself on the regular? When I wore a "maternity" workout shirt, and realized when I got to the gym that it didn't cover all my belly. Damn you Target....

14. Advice you would give to other pregnant women?
Workout whenever you can fit it in. If it's your first pregnancy you won't have as much time after the baby comes and if it's the 2nd or 3rd pregnancy it's alone time that you probably wouldn't get otherwise. If your spouse is supportive of exercise there will always be a time to fit it in

That it's OK to workout during your pregnancy! And you should! There are so many benefits to you and the baby, and even if it is just a few days/week, that is great.
15. Did you feel judged working out while pregnant?
Yes, not from anyone at the box but by family and friends who don't understand the benefits for you and your baby that exercise provides

Not at all....everyone at the gym has been so wonderful and supportive during my pregnancy.  A lot of my friends and family who don't do CrossFit have been surprised that I have continued during the pregnancy, but I explain that I do what I am comfortable with. They have not been judgmental about it.
16. What was the most supportive thing someone said or did that kept you going?
My CFA Family always made me feel good about whatever I was doing no matter if I could do half the work the rest of them could or not. You have to find your community and you will feel supported everyday. 

It was really helpful for me to have seen Jen go through her pregnancy working out consistently, but also being cautious and taking care of herself.  She has given me a lot of helpful advice, and I loved being partnered with her during workouts, as she pushed me to keep moving but was so supportive.
The best day that I have had at the gym was when someone came up to me after a WOD and said that she didn't let herself quit because seeing me workout pregnant was so motivating. It was so nice to hear that since I was feeling a little down that day with all of the scaling I had to do in the workout. It's a good reminder to tell people nice things when you think them, since you never know how it will impact their day!

Thanks ladies! Can't wait to see how you keep up all your hard work!!!!!!