Thursday, February 19, 2015

10 non-fitness things about ME

Non-Fitness. Yep. I went there. Swole Sisters theme is fitness. Obvi. Running, Triathlons, Crossfit, Weight lifting, nervous poo........ But maybe my non-fitness self is interesting too?

1. I am hard of hearing. Profound loss in my right ear. Born that way. Loud places frustrate me as I cannot hear as well. I read lips. I fake "smile and nod" when I am too tired to ask you to repeat yourself.....again.

not my actual audiogram - but you get the idea

2. I am adopted. I have known since I was a baby. My mom has always told me, talked to me about it, and answered any questions I've had. My mom and my biological mom kept in touch and when I turned 18 I got her email address. I got to meet her. The day before I got married. It was wonderful. We keep in touch.

My biological Mom. Of course with food :)
My mom. One tough broad

3. I am an Army Brat. I was born in Georgia then lived in Japan, Utah (two houses), Texas (two houses), and settled in Virginia (many moves within the area). My mom has made sure we have seen the sites all over the US and I've been to almost every state.

Image result for army brat

4. I am a magazine JUNKIE. I love them. Magazine day is THE BEST day of the month. I love all magazines (fitness, cooking, fashion) but I have a real love for the trashy celebrity gossip. I like to travel and fly just to stock up on magazines.
Image result for i love magazines
I love them all

5. I watch a lot of tv. #sorrynotsorry I love a good reality show. Real Housewives, Locked Up, Dateline, Snapped, Walking Dead, Arrow, Law and Order, NCIS, Mindy Project, Big Bang Theory.....on and on. Most nights I can't watch my show cause I fall asleep on the couch. That's why I love DVR. I record EVERYTHING. Sometimes I watch while I work out. Sometimes Sam and I catch up before we get the kids from school. That's my escape. I love it. We do family dinners Sunday nights and watch The Dead - sometimes it's just dessert :)

Image result for walking Dead

6. My Ipod thinks I'm 16. I love all music - but there is a special place in my heart for Britney and boy bands. If it comes on the radio the volume goes up and I jam out. Period. 

Image result for boy band collage
7. I have a degree of social anxiety. I almost always dread going to parties and events, but as soon as I'm there and the ice has been broken I have a great time and love it. But thinking about going gives me nervous poo and I want to cry. Totally normal. Right?

Image result for party

8. I used to have a LhasaPoo. I just wanted a purse dog. Turned out when I had Sammy the dog got mean and we had to give him to a new home with no kiddos. He was cute. He had an under bite that made him look super tough. 

Image result for lhasa poo

9. I am terrible with names. Awful. You tell me and I instantly can't repeat it back. Not sure if it's that I don't care or I am just not good with names. Faces, I remember. Names? Nope. It takes many conversations for me to remember - so if I know your name you should feel good. It stuck!

Image result for hello my name is

10.  Throw up. I don't do it. It terrifies me. I can count the times I've thrown up in my LIFETIME. 

     1. As a kid. I was laying on the couch, rolled over, and threw up. I had the flu.
     2. When I got my wisdom teeth out
     3. Freshman year of college. Straight Vodka. Bleh
     4. My girlfriend Traci's wedding. Tequila shots. Whew!
     5. The day I found out I was pregnant with Mason. Sammy crawled by as I laid on the floor.
     6. My birthday this year. Winery gone bad
     7. Colorado. Alcohol mixed with altitude. Miserable. 

That's it. Those are the times I've thrown up. I hate it the most. 

And now you know a little more about ME!