Monday, March 2, 2015

15.1 and 15.1A recap

That. Was. Awesome.

The Open has begun and it has not disappointed. I love competing and LOVE cheering for peeps.

We watched the announcement live with friends from Crossfit Annandale. These guys made it look tough!

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Lots of sweat. Lots of movement. Lots of weights. 

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I talked with my coach and we had a game plan. Number 1 thing on the list? DON'T GET IN YOUR HEAD. Yep - that's what I do. I freak myself out and screw up. I am prepared. I am ready. I have done harder workouts. My goal for myself was to leave it all out there. No regrets. No second chances. I need to do it the first time like it's the last time. No "I wish I could have....." No. Give it my all the first time.

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Now, the workout:

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Can we talk about Brooke's sick body? 
Brooke, I literally can't even......

Ok. Focus. The workout. My plan. 

My goal for 15.1 was 4 rounds (and hope to fall in the 3 1/2+ range). Toes to bar: start with sets of 5, quick shake, and back on the bar. Go RIGHT into the deadlifts, unbroken, and then power through the snatches. I had 9 minutes. I needed to go. No rest. No questions. No second guessing. I ended up with 4+12. I did EXACTLY the plan. It felt awesome. Nothing but smiles.

My goal for 15.1A was hit 125# for the clean and jerk and then go from there. 125# was my anything else would have been gravy. I set up the bar for 95# and did that to calm my nerves. Then I hit 125#, then 135#, then 140#. Holy. Shit. 140# was a power clean too. I could not have asked for anything better. SOOOOOOOO happy. No regrets.

The rest of the night I cheered for my friends. I drank a beer. I laughed. I smiled. I love The Open. 
End of the night
My husband. He put the hood on for the pic. He got pretty sweaty in that onesie!

One of the best parts was my partner in crime, Holly, hitting a 155# clean and jerk. So glad I was there for it. That hug was everything. 

The other great moment of the night was telling my coach how it went down. He has spent countless hours - specifically 52 weeks from the last Open - answering my questions, programming, answering more questions, talking me off a ledge, pushing me, and knowing what I need to make me better/stronger/faster. You want that? Hit him up:   He is the shit.

Hope you all had a great weekend and, smashed 15.1/15.1A or whatever you chose to get that heart rate up!!! 15.2 I can not wait!!!!!