Monday, November 15, 2010

First race of 2011 on the books

I decided I needed to register for a 2011 race before I have a panic attack. I need something on the books to work towards - and the Tri's I want to do aren't open for registration yet.

I registered for The Nation's Marathon (the 1/2) in March. It was my 1st evern 1/2 marathon, just last year, and my PR so far. I ran it in 2:11:44. I've done 2 more since then and was slower with each one (WTF!?) So I'm looking to PR here again. Now I have Team Fexy for training, a bunch of them are running it, I am going to a sports nutritionist tomorrow (yeah!), and I have experience. That all counts towards a PR right?

I did get some new laces. LOVE.THEM. I may never tie my shoes again! I was skeptical that they would stay on and be comfy - but they totally are!

So I'm feeling more calm since registering for a race. whew...needed that. I'm doing a turkey trott with my mom, sister, and brother on thanksgiving morning - really looking to PR there. I would LOVE that. I haven't run a 5k race since July only run 3.1? After training for MCM, that sounds like heaven!

My husband is starting some rigorous training and food managment tomorrow. Tuesday start? Random? Nope, calculated. He is going to the redskins vs eagles game tonight! Lucky dog! So, he wanted one last binge of bar food before he starts a cleaner meal plan.

I'm nervous about my nutritionist/dietician meeting tomorrow. I don't want to get my hopes up, but I'm really hoping she will say "here's where you are going wrong" "here' s how to fix it". I just can't seem to get any weight off, who gains 10 pounds marathon training? Me. it. sucks.

Wish me luck!