Monday, November 29, 2010

Success on the "don't eat so damn much" diet

I went to see a sports nutritionist on Nov 16th to see why I gained 10 pounds during marathon training (NONE of it muscle). I met her at a Ladies Night at a local running store and found out that her office is 1.04 miles from my work! Score! I went on her website and the first thing I read was "Training for a marathon or triathlon?" Why, yes, yes I am!

So our first meeting went really well. She had me keep a 3 day food journal and we talked about my activity level, etc. She did my body fat and it was 32%! Eeeek! Anything over 30 is bad, she is going to help me get it to 25%. Then BMI, which was 27 and should be 25. Not too bad there. She said she thinks I need to tweak my diet and my exercise and then I should see results.

I went back the next week and she gave me a report of how the weight loss will work and everything. She has me on 1450 calories a day to loose 1 pound per week. Sounds slow, but I want this to I'm game. She also gave me a meal plan using food I already eat and have on hand. That was really nice!

So, I'm 3 weeks into the plan, which included thanksgiving, and I'm down 2 pounds! I'm pretty happy to be down, not up after thanksgiving....I don't feel hungry - except when I'm supposed too. I have great energy and feel so motivated to get this weight thing on track! It really doesn't take much more than 10 minutes to plan out the days meals - which of course was my worry.

Oh, and Sam and I picked or first Ironman distance .......Beach to Battleship! 2012!