Monday, November 7, 2011

7 Year Anniversary....making a whole weekend of it!

This was a really fun weekend! Instead of packing all things anniversary into one crazy and exhausting day Sam and I decided to do something Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Kinda crazy, but so fun!

I'm happy to say we look better now than we did 7 years ago. Looking back at wedding photos is fun because we can laugh about the squishy way we looked. Don't get me wrong, we still squish - but way less!

Friday night we took the boys to Peking Gourmet Inn. My fav! We had duck and beef. The boys tried the duck and LOVED it. Those are the memories "remember when we ate duck!" that I hope they will remember and talk about later.

Saturday I took Sam to the Metropolitan Cooking expo and we saw Guy Fieri's cooking show. It was really cool to see a live cooking show. Sam has sent in his application for Chopped, so I thought this would get his creative juices flowing. He cooked Bacon Mac N Cheese. Oh man, it smelled SO good!

America's Got Talent was filming too!

Funny spice guy

There he is!

Sam is a pretty good listener. He really pays attention when I'm into something with fashion, running, name it and he remembers what I've said. It's pretty great. So, for our anniversary what did he get me? He went to a consignment store and scored a Kate Spade and Coach clutch! Exactly what I've been talking about! What a guy :)

Polka dots? How cute is that?!
Sunday we went out to a French dinner. Not super fancy, but we got dressed up and had a great time. What did we wear?

Fav dress from thirtysomethingfashion
What did we eat?

French Onion Soup

Escargo. Yep. we ate snails. They were SO good!

Melted Cheese thing.
Sam ordered Beef Wellington and I got Scallops. Not sure why I didn't remember to take pics of that. Maybe too much wine at that point. :)

7 years has gone pretty fast. Team Hardman is happy and going strong!