Wednesday, November 2, 2011

365 days can do alot

Last year on Halloween I was running the Marine Corp Marathon. My first. I ran it with Alyson, well - I ran it because of Alyson. She said after a 1/2 Marathon in Sept "Let's just keep training and do the marathon." I almost puked on her shoes. I wanted to do it, but was terrified. So, I said yes and we kept our training going. We raised money for Neuroblastoma research, which at the time her brother Nick was battling.

Me and Alyson. Puffy eyes from crying - pretty happy to be done. wearing our Nova Chicks run for Nick shirts

With Meg - our biggest cheerleader

at mile 26.19 sooooo close to the end

Sam is my biggest supporter and best hugger.

Since then alot has happened. The year since the marathon focused more on triathlon than just running. Sam and I joined a Tri Team (Team Fexy) and bought 1 million dollars worth of gear. :) I am now working at a different Middle School. The boys have done their first "race", which Sammy won. Sam applied to be on Chopped (Food Network). My brother got married. I got and survived Lyme's Disease this summer. And I've already had the flu this season - after I got the shot, of course.

Alot of change in a year. Anyone else have changes over the last year?