Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm off the sauce......

Lyme's disease can go to Hell. It can. I was diagnosed July 19th and have had very few healthy days since then. I know that many people have it worse. I was diagnosed in the early stages (1-4 weeks). I did 5 weeks of antibiotics and feel better now than I did.

Why the attitude about it now? 4 months later? Because I have now realized that it will take about a year for my body to recover which means no alcohol. I don't drink alot, but when I do "tie one on" it takes me days to recover. Apparently Lyme's LOVES sugar and alcohol might as well be all sugar. I'm glad to know why I feel like death, again......but just one more aspect of my life that the tiniest tick ever screwed up.

Positive spin? I need to loose weight desperately. Best way to do that is cut out sugar and alcohol. Easier said than done.......except when you feel like death afterward.

So, you will not see my drinking, eating sugar cubes, or at the bottom of any ice luges any time soon. I will need to come up with better excuses as to why I pass out early and from time to time flash the girls (one of those things may never really happen).

Here's to a skinnier, healthier, faster, happy life!!!!!!!!