Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our first Italian Thanksgiving

We love to cook, we love to entertain, and we LOVE Thanksgiving. Every year we try out a new theme - normally around the turkey. Different brine, different stuffing ingredients - it's great. This year we decided to do Italian. It. Was. Wonderful.

Appetizer: cheese and meats

First Course: Sam made homemade 4 cheese raviolis with a vodka cream sauce. On the side was a baked piece of prosciutto with honey mustard.

Palette cleanser:

 Third Course: Antipasta with homemade mozzarella

Palette Cleanser:

Fourth Course: Linguine with mushroom sauce, seafood sauce, meatballs, sausage, and marinara

Dessert: pumpkin mouse with gingersnap crust, home made tirramisu, and chocolate dipped strawberries

It was amazing. Everyone came over at 12 and we ate until 4. Way better than everyone eating in 20 minutes and then just feeling fat. It was great!